Monitor connections to the Calabrio ONE server

Use the Desktop Monitoring page to monitor client connections to the Calabrio ONE server. From the Desktop Monitoring page you can discover the connection status of multiple tenants, download the logs of your Smart Desktop instance, and view other connection details to troubleshoot customer issues.

NOTE   The Desktop Monitoring page does not provide screen monitoring functionality.


  • You have the View Desktop Monitoring permission.
  • One or more tenants are configured.
  • The Desktop Client Async Logs Error and Desktop Client Async Logs Success notifications are configured to retrieve logs.

Page location

Application Management > Global > Monitoring > Desktop Monitoring


Filter connections

You can filter the information displayed in the table by tenant and the connection and activation status of the tenant’s installed instances of Smart Desktop. You can also sort the information displayed by clicking a column header in the table.

  1. Click Show Filters.
  2. Select or clear the check box next to the desired filter options. By default, all options are selected and the time period is set for the last seven days.

Retrieve Smart Desktop logs

With the Get Logs button, you can retrieve a ZIP file of the logs for each Smart Desktop instance that is connected to your tenant’s Calabrio ONE server.

  1. Locate the Smart Desktop instance you want logs from, and then click Get Logs. You will receive a notification when a ZIP file of the logs is ready to download.

    NOTE   To be notified, you must be enabled to receive the Desktop Client Async Logs Error and the Desktop Client Async Logs Success notifications (see Configure notifications). If these notifications are disabled, you will receive the following error message:
    You will need to subscribe to the ‘desktop client async logs success’ and ‘desktop client async logs error’ notifications to receive these logs.

  2. Open the notification, and then follow the instructions to download the ZIP file.


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