Add a New Desktop Item

The Desktop Manager toolbar includes the New Desktop Item button, which opens the Add New Desktop Item page. Using this page, you can add a desktop item based on a Windows application, a specific field in a Windows application, or a website.

NOTE   Adding a new desktop item based on a specific field in an application requires the use of the Application Field Marker tool. This tool analyzes the application field and displays the information you need to set the field as a desktop item. See Application Properties for more information.

To add a new desktop item:

  1. On the Desktop Manager page, click New Desktop Item.
  2. On the Add New Desktop Item page, choose the type of item you want to add from the list of What Do You Want To Do? options.
  3. Complete the fields as described below.
  4. Click Save. When you click Save, the fields on the page clear, and you are ready to add another new desktop item. If you are done adding new items, click Cancel to return to the Desktop Manager page.

The fields that can appear when adding a new desktop item are described below. Which fields appear depends on the type of desktop item you are adding.