Agent Explorer overview

The Agent Explorer page contains the main grid and a toolbar. The left pane of the grid displays the applications and websites used by the agent. The right pane shows when the document or URL was used. They are displayed in different colors so you can readily see changes to an agent’s focus.

The four buttons on the toolbar are toggles that control what is displayed in the grid. The legend at the left under the calendar bar identifies what the colors and symbols in the grid mean.

Button Name Description

Non Approved Content Markers

Toggles Non Approved Content markers that designate applications the agent used that are not approved.


Toggles Event markers that indicate the agent’s focus on an application that triggered the event. The event is highlighted in yellow in the Interaction State row.

When toggled on, the Events dialog box opens that prompts you to select the type of event to highlight. By default, all events are selected.

Call Boundaries

Highlights the duration of a call in gray. If you want to see only an agent’s focus during a call, toggle the Call Boundaries button on and toggle the Idle Boundaries button off.

Idle Boundaries

Highlights the idle time information between contacts in white, including the applications used during that time. Toggling this button off allows you to clearly see approved and unapproved applications during a contact.

An Interaction State row appears immediately below the legend. The Interaction State shows the status of the agent’s call status at a specific point in time.

NOTE   You might see System Lock in one of the rows below Interaction State. This means that an agent’s desktop was locked or asleep and shows what applications or websites were in focus during that state.