View reports

Reports give you a big-picture view of how well agents are doing. You can use the information in reports to prepare for one-on-one meetings or coaching sessions with agents or to report on your team to your own supervisor. Prove that your daily dance party improves agent productivity.

  1. Hover over WFM in the top menu and click Reports.
  2. Click the report you want to run. The report configuration page opens in a new tab.
  3. Configure the report using the options available to you. These vary by report.
  4. (Optional) To see a preview of the first page of the report, click the magnifying glass icon.
  5. Click the icon for the report format you want: PDF, Excel spreadsheet, or Word document. PDF reports open in your browser, and the other reports download to your device.

What the reports tell you

The reports available to you vary based on how your account was set up. The reports listed here are probably most relevant to you.

Report What it tells you

Agent Metrics

How well agents have performed, compared to how they were scheduled. Shows adherence, readiness, answered calls, etc.

Agent Queue Metrics

Answered calls, average handling time, average talk time, and average after-call work, organized by agent and date.

Agent Queue Statistics

How many calls were answered and transferred and how much time agents spent on calls and doing after-call work.

Agent Skills

The skills each agent is assigned.

Agent Statistics

Statistics that are not related to any particular queue. For example, how much time the agent has been logged in, how much time they have been in ready or not ready states, and how many calls they have answered.

Gamification Leaderboard

How many gold, silver, and bronze badges the agents have received and how the agents are ranked.

Team Metrics

How well the teams have performed, compared to how they were scheduled. Shows adherence, readiness, answered calls, etc.

Absence Time per Agent

Absence time per agent, absence type, and day, organized by agent and absence. Shows both part-day and full-day absences.

Activity Time per Agent

How much time agents spent on activities.

Availability per Agent

How many days and hours agents were available, compared to the number of days and hours they were scheduled.

Requests per Agent

How many requests agents have made during a period of time, organized by agent. The report shows the request type (absence, shift trade, or text request) and whether the requests have been approved or denied.

Scheduled Overtime per Agent

How much overtime agents are scheduled for, organized by agent, date, and overtime type.

Shift Category and Full Day Absence per Agent

How many shifts of each category (for example, late start or early start), days off, and full-day absences are on agents’ schedules.

Scheduled Agents per Activity

How many agents are scheduled for an activity, divided into fifteen-minute periods.

Scheduled Time per Agent

The scheduled time for agents and how the time is divided by days, activities, and absences. The report shows scheduled time, scheduled overtime, and scheduled absence time.

Abandonment and Speed of Answer

How many calls are being abandoned and how long customers wait on hold.

Queue Statistics

“Raw” data about a queue, including offered calls, answered calls, speed of answer, etc.

Service Level and Agents Ready

Service level vs. available and scheduled agents, including logged-in time, ready time, number of answered calls, talk time, etc.