Work with contacts assigned to you

Your supervisor wants all the evaluators on their team to hear an agent’s great work handling a call from someone claiming to be Elvis. This way, you’ll all know how to evaluate this kind of call in the future. The notifications icon (upper-right corner of the page) tells you when you have an assigned contact.

  1. Click Contact Queue in the top menu. The Contact Queue page shows contacts that have been assigned to you.
  2. Double-click the contact. The recording opens in a new tab. If the assignment has specific instructions, those instructions are in the upper-left part of the screen.

    Calabrio ONE has three kinds of contact assignments.

    Assignment What you need to do


    Play the contact.


    Evaluate the contact. The evaluation form is selected for you.


    Evaluate the contact. Your supervisor has assigned this contact to at least one other evaluator to make sure everyone is evaluating contacts consistently.