Are new agents recording today?

With this report, we can make sure that calls received by agents who started in the last two weeks are being recorded properly.

Step 1: Add the Contacts measure

  1. On the Data Explorer page, click New Report (upper left corner of the page). The blank report page appears.
  2. Click [measure]. The Select Measure window opens.
  3. Select Contacts.
  4. Click Add. The Measure: Contacts window closes, and the basic report appears. At this point, it looks like this:

    This is the total number of contacts taken since your organization began using Calabrio ONE.

Step 2: Group the contacts by agent

In this step, we start dividing your organization’s total number of contacts into meaningful buckets.

  1. Click [grouping]. The Select Grouping window opens.
  2. Select Person.
  3. Click Add. Now the report breaks down the total number of contacts by the person who handled them.

Step 3: Limit to today’s calls

Here’s where this report starts to get useful.

  1. Click [limit]. The Select Filter window opens.
  2. Click Time (upper right corner of the window).
  3. Select Contact Start Time.
  4. In the Period panel, select Contact Start Time.
  5. Click Add Filter (the + icon). The Select Period window opens.

  6. Select Day of Month.
  7. Click OK. The Select Period window closes.
  8. Select This.

  9. Click Add. The Filter: Contact Start Time window closes. Now we see just the contacts handled today.

Step 4: Limit to new agents

Here we restrict the report to only calls handled by agents who started within the last two weeks.

  1. Click [limit].
  2. Click Time.
  3. Select Person Activated Date.
  4. In the Period panel, select Person Activated Date.
  5. Click Add Filter (the + icon).
  6. Select Day of Month.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Enter “13” in the Last column.
  9. Select This.
  10. Click Add. Now we have this:

Step 5 (optional): Add a link to each contact

  1. Click [grouping].
  2. Select Contact.
  3. Click Add. You can click the contact ID to open the contact on the Interactions page. Pretty neat, huh?

Step 6: Name and save the report

  1. Click Save (upper left corner of the page). The Save Report window opens.
  2. Enter a name for the report.
  3. Click Save. The Save Report window closes, and the report name appears in the upper left corner of the page.