Share a report with other people

You created the perfect report. There’s no way you can keep this to yourself. Share it with your team!

  1. On the Data Explorer page, right-click the report and select Share. The Sharing window opens.
  2. Select the level of control to give the people you are sharing with. If you have scope over multiple groups, you can set different levels of control by group.

    Permission What it means


    No one else can see the report.


    Other people can see the report but can’t copy it or make any changes to it.


    Other people can adjust the groups and filters in the report but can’t save their changes.

    Save As

    Other people can save their own copy of the report and edit their copy without affecting your original report. This is the most commonly used option.


    Other people can edit your original report.

  3. Click OK. The Sharing window closes. The Shared To column lists the groups that you shared the report with.