Explore pre-built dashboards

When you first log in to Calabrio ONE, your home screen is a dashboard. A Calabrio ONE administrator probably assigned you this dashboard as a default, but we built many dashboards for you to help you get started.

  1. Click Data Explorer in the top menu. A list of your organization’s reports and dashboards appears. (If you create any of your own reports or dashboards later, they will appear here too.) Dashboards that say System in the Owner column are built by Calabrio. More information about each pre-built dashboard is here: View the standard Data Explorer dashboards.
  2. Click a dashboard to explore it. Take some time to get a feel for the kind of information available in these dashboards.
  3. (Optional) Read the dashboard description.
    1. Click Edit Dashboard (upper right corner of the page).
    2. Click Page Settings (upper left corner of the page). The dashboard’s Properties window opens. The Description field might have more information about the dashboard.
    3. Click Cancel. The Properties window closes.
    4. Click Cancel (upper left corner of the page). The Save Changes? window opens.
    5. Click Continue Without Saving. The Save Changes? window closes.
  4. Click Data Explorer to return to the list of dashboards. (Don’t click your browser’s Back button. That will take you back to your home page.)