Shift trade

A shift trade is when agents change shifts with one another. Shift trades are governed by rules set in the workflow control sets of each agent and the Shift Trade Request settings in options. The trade can be made more or less automatic by these rules. The auto grant function allows the shift trade to be automatically granted providing these rules are met. If the rules are not met the trade will be automatically denied. It is, of course, also possible to allow the supervisor or team leader to handle the requests in the Schedules module request view.

The Shift Trade Process:

  1. Add permissions for the agents to do shift trades.

  2. Agent 1, who wants to trade, takes the initiative and makes a shift trade request in MyTime to trade with Agent 2 on one or more days.

  3. Agent 2 notices the request and approves or denies it.

    • If it was approved by Agent 2, the request is checked for the rules. If found OK, it can be either auto granted or passed to a supervisor for approval.

    • If Agent 2 does not approve, Agent 1 receives a message in MyTime and the request is stopped.

  4. Both agents can view the status of the requests in MyTime.

Supervisors can also perform manual shift swaps directly from the Schedules module.

If more than one day is involved in the trade request, all days must be approved for the trade to be completed.

NOTE   Agents cannot trade shifts with themselves, at least two parties must be involved.

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