Nightly rest time

The purpose of the Nightly rest time setting in the contract is to ensure that the agents get rest between shifts. The nightly rest time is calculated from the end of one shift to the start of the next shift. It is often based on the local labor laws or union agreements.

When validating the nightly rest time for each agent, the calculation of the length of the nightly rest time is based on non-work time. Work time is all time scheduled on activities that are set as Is work time. This means that scheduled work hours that aren't contract time, for example overtime, are included. Any absences, such as vacation or illness, are not counted as nightly rest.

The automatic scheduling and optimization procedures do not break the nightly rest time, for any reason. The nightly rest time can be broken by manual changes. For example, if you move a shift or add overtime two shifts can be too close together. If the nightly rest time is broken, a validation warning is shown for the two affected days in the client Schedules module.

NOTE   Be careful not to set a longer nightly rest time than required. A too long nightly rest might cause issues with not being able to schedule an early shift after a day or afternoon shift.

The nightly rest time is defined in the contract. See Create WFM agent contracts for more information.