Hourly availability

Hourly availability (previously known as student availability) is a restriction type mainly used for agents employed on an hourly basis.

With hourly availability, the agent can register in MyTime when he/she is able to work. If the agent doesn't register any availability, he/she is regarded as not available.

Access to the hourly availability functionality for the agents is defined in Permissions.

NOTE   If the hourly staff is available all the time, without entering hourly availability, just uncheck the hourly availability option when scheduling hourly employees and the fulfill hourly availability option when optimizing.

Using hourly availability for fixed employees can be a way of implementing very flexible schedules, and be able to optimize the schedule for these agents. When scheduling these agents, days off will be added to the days for which the agent has not entered any availability, and then according to the contract schedule until the number of days off fulfills the contract. If you select the hourly staff option as the employment type in the contract, the expected outcome is that days off will not schedule for the agents.

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