Group pages

Group pages are used to filter agents on other criteria than business hierarchy, e.g. skill or contract. The group pages are available everywhere in WFM where you need to select agents or groups of agents.

There are six default group pages:

  • Contract

  • Contract schedule

  • Part-time percentage

  • Note (not available in the Teams or Requests web tools)

  • Shift bag

  • Skill

In addition, it's possible to create group pages in the left panel of the main portal of the modules People, Schedules and Intraday. The groups can be based on parameters such as note, contract, contract schedule, part-time percentage, shift bag or any available optional column, or they can be manually created. The group pages can have more than one level.

Agents can be given permissions to filter agents on group pages, with the View custom team schedule setting in permissions. They will then be able to see the group page but, the groups will only contain the agents that they are allowed to see according to their data permissions.

NOTE   The default group pages reflect the situation today. Therefore, if the organization has a lot of changes with agents starting, leaving, changing contracts etc., the group pages should not be used when reporting on previous or future periods.