Time stamps when an event happens. It is a type of Subject and controls how you want business metrics (measures) grouped in a report. In Data Explorer, you can toggle between Subjects and Time in the Select Grouping dialog box.

Data as of 09 Aug 2022

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Application Capture Call Start Date and time that call started when associated with an application capture session Application Capture Call Start Analytics  
Application Capture Start Start date and time of application during a capture session. Application Capture Start Analytics  
Application In Focus Start Date and time at which application came into focus during app usage capture applicationInfocusStart Analytics  
Department Start Date The hire date of the agent in the department, which indicates seniority. Person Department Start Date Analytics, QM  
Contact Local Start Time Time stated in local time. Use with Timezone. localStartTime Analytics, QM  
Contact Start Time The date and time this contact began, in GMT (UTC) startTime Analytics, QM REMOTE_FILTER_REFERENCE
Person Deactivated Date The date that the Person was deactivated in the system. deactivated Analytics, QM  
Team Deactivated Date   Teamdeactivated Analytics, QM  
Person Activated Date Date that the Person was activated in the system activated Analytics, QM  
Group Deactivated Date The Date that the Group was deactivated in the system. Groupdeactivated Analytics, QM  
Date Evaluated The date an evaluation is completed. UTC evaluated QM  
Recording Event Created Date Date and time at which a recording event occurred RecordingEventCreatedDate QM  
Evaluation Comment Date The date and time a comment was added to an Evaluation Evaluation Comment Date QM