Import post-call survey IVR data

Data that is collected from post-call surveys via an IVR can be imported into Calabrio ONE using a generic IVR integration that uses CSV files saved to a specific folder on the Data Server. See “Add Post-Call Surveys to Contacts” in the Calabrio ONE User Guide for more information about configuration.

NOTE   This folder location is configured in Calabrio ONE on the Data Server Configuration page (Application Management > Global > System Configuration > Data Server Configuration) in the Regional Data Server GIS File Location field.

The File Observer service triggers the import of these data files into the database and attaches the data to contact recordings using the Contact ID, Associated Call ID, or the ICM Call ID.

Two CSV files are required:

  • The Form CSV file contains the survey questions and must be processed first.
  • The actual survey results are imported through the Results CSV file.

Form CSV file

The Form file name must follow the format Form_<Form ID>.csv, where <Form ID> is a number.

The Form CSV file is formatted to contain the following information:

<form name>,<form status>,<form date>,<total score>

1,DIGITS,"Contact Identifier",0

<question number>,<question type>,<question text>,<question response and weight>

The first row in the Form CSV file contains the following information:

Field Description
form name The name of the survey form.
form status The form’s status can be editable or active. Editable forms can be modified with another import. With editable forms existing result data is deleted before updating the form details. Active forms cannot be changed.
form date The form’s date, in yyyy-mm-dd format.
total score The total score possible in the survey.

The second row in the Form CSV file is required to have question ID 1 and is always the first question in any VR survey form. It is a placeholder for the contact identifier that is supplied in IVR survey results files (see Results CSV file):

1,DIGITS,"Contact Identifier",0

The third and all subsequent rows in the file contain the survey questions:

Field Description
question number

The number assigned to the survey question.

IMPORTANT   Question number cannot be 1.

question type

The type of question.

NOTE   Only OPTION type questions (an answer on a scale, for example from 1 to 5) can have results saved and a survey must have at least one OPTION type question to be associated with a contact.

question text The survey question.
question responses and weights

The question response and weight is a comma-separated array in the format <option id> - <text for result> - <value/weight>.


  • <option id> is an ID for the option that is unique in the scope of the question.
  • <text for result> is the text used to identify this option in a survey result line.
  • <value/weight> is the value of the question option.

Results CSV file

Each Results file is an output snapshot from the generic IVR system. For example, the IVR can be configured to export one file every 30 minutes and include all surveys taken within the last 30-minute interval. If a form has two questions, then each survey response file will have three lines per survey:

  • Line 1 identifies the contact ID to associate with the survey answers.
  • Lines 2–3 contain the survey answers for each question.

The Results file name must follow the format Results_<yyyyMMdd>_<HHMM>_<unique ID>.csv where <unique ID> is a value that makes sure that the file name is unique. It can be based on timestamp, agent ID, or a generic sequential increment.

The following is the format of each row in the Results CSV file: 

<unique identifier>,<form ID>,<survey total earned score>,<question number>,<answer text>,<answer score/weight>

The first row of each survey result has the following additional syntax requirements:

<unique identifier>,<form ID>,<survey total earned score>,1,<contact ID or associated contact ID>,0

  • The 1 indicates the first row has question number 1 (as is required).
  • The <contact ID or associated contact ID> is the identifier for the contact.
  • The 0 is a placeholder for the score/weight of this question.

The following table describes what each column in the file contains for each line.

Field Description
unique identifier An identifier matching the unique identifier in the Results file name.
form ID The form ID used in the Form file name.
survey total earned score The total score for the survey.
contact ID or associated contact ID

The identifier of the contact this survey applies to.

NOTE   The identifier that is used in the Results file is determined by the survey identifier selected on the Post Call Survey page in Calabrio ONE (Application Management > QM > QM Contact Flows > Post Call Survey).

question number The question number matching the question number from the Form file.
answer text The answer text matching one of the <text for result> option values for the question in the Form file.
answer score/weight The score earned by the answer matching the <value/weight> for one of the option values for the question in the Form file.

A question is only included in the imported results if all of the following are true:

  • The form ID matches the form ID of an imported form.
  • The question number matches the question number on that imported form.
  • The answer text and the answer score/weight match the text for result and value/weight for an answer option on that question.


The following are examples of Form and Results CSV files for a scenario where a post-call survey consists of five questions. A customer answers the survey after a contact identified with the contact ID 987654321.

The customer enters the following answers to the survey:

Question 301 3
Question 302 2
Question 303 3
Question 304 4
Question 305 4

The Form and Results file for this survey are as follows.


Form File Name: Form_3.csv

1,DIGITS,"Contact Identifier",0
301, OPTION,Were you happy with wait time,1 - strongly disagree - 00,2 - disagree - 10,3 - neither - 20,4 - agree - 30,5 - strongly agree - 40
302,OPTION,How was service,1 - strongly disagree - 00,2 - disagree - 20,3 - neither - 10,4 - agree - 30,5 - strongly agree - 40
303,OPTION,Did we resolve issue,1 - strongly disagree - 00,2 - disagree - 20,3 - neither - 10,4 - agree - 30,5 - strongly agree - 40
304,OPTION, Was agent knowledgeable - strongly disagree - 00,2 - disagree - 10,3 - neither - 20,4 - agree - 30,5 - strongly agree - 40
305,OPTION,How satisfied with general services,1 - strongly disagree - 00,2 - disagree - 10,3 - neither - 20,4 - agree - 30,5 - strongly agree - 40

Results File Name: Results_20191017_1309_1571310547.csv