rc_agent_queue index

CDM field name

CDM field type


Source field name

Data source

Display format

account_id Number Unique account the agent belongs to account_id Agent Events String
agent_id Number Unique identifier of the agent agent_id Agent Events 0,0.[000]
call_type String Type of the call call_type Agent Events String
doc_key String Unique identifier of message NA CDM-generated String
event_type String State the agents selected to be in or is automatically placed in event_type Agent Events String
msg_epoch Date Epoch time at which the real time message was collected and processed NA CDM-generated MMM D, YYYY @ HH:mm:ss.SSS (kibana default date format)
msg_type String The type of real time message feed NA CDM-generated String
profile.firstName String First name of the agent who answered the call firstName Agent Group API String
profile.lastName String Last name of the agent who answered the call lastName Agent Group API String
queue_id String Identifier of the queue the call comes from call_source_id Agent Events String
queue_name String Name of the queue the call comes from call_source_name Agent Events String
tenant_name String Name of the tenant NA CDM-generated String
username String Username of the agent username Agent Events String