Subjects control how you want the business metrics (measures) grouped in a report. These are text fields that are used as category-style groupings, such as a team, a queue, or a department in your business.

Display name Description Caption Keys Tags Properties (List)
ACD Call Center Automatic Call Distribution ACD Num ACD Num    
ACD Site ACD Site ACD Site ACD Site    
Answer Reason The reason associated with the answering agent's mode, if the agent is in the AUX mode. ansreason_desc ansreason Echi ansreason_desc
Call The unique number assigned to this call and all its call segments. callid callid Echi cdr_dialednumber, cdr_callingparty, origreason_desc, agent_name_orig
Call Disposition This field represents the call disposition and indicates whether the call in the segment was: 1=connected
5=forced busy
6=forced disconnect
cdr_calldisp_desc cdr_calldisp Echi cdr_calldisp_desc
Call Segment Call Segment segment callid, segment    
Location The equipment location ID that is associated with a particular agent. This is the location ID of the terminal the agent is logged in to. It is associated with a port network location ID on the communication server. The LOC_ID is 0 if multiple locations are not enabled. A location ID is not assigned to an agent until that agent logs into a terminal. An agent may have multiple LOC_IDs if the agent logs into multiple terminals with different locations. loc_id loc_id    
Originating Agent The login ID of the agent originating the call. This is used for calls an agent originates to another agent, to an on-switch extension, or to an external destination. agent_name_orig agent_login_orig Echi agent_surname_orig, agent_firstname_orig, agent_name_orig
Originating Reason The reason code associated with the originating agent's mode, if the agent is in the AUX mode. origreason_desc origreason Echi origreason_desc
Split The name of the split/skill. split_name ACD Site, split Agent, CMS, Echi, Split split_name, Split Desc
Tenant The tenant partition to which the resource belongs. tenant_name tenant_id   tenant_name
VDN The name of the Vector Directory Number. vdn_name vdn CMS, Echi, VDN vdn_name, Skill1, Skill2, Skill3, VDN Desc, cdr_firstvdn