Data sets

A data set is a container that holds data and information about that data’s structure, layout, and format. It is a single store of related data in the data model. This table lists the data sets that are part of the CMS  data model and the data fields (columns) that belong in each data set.

Agent Aux Code Interval

Agent Aux Code Interval
Column name Column type Formula text Included Mapped to
acd NUMBER [acd] Yes  
acd_src STRING [acd_src] Yes  
hagent_interval_utc DATE [hagent_interval_utc] Yes  
loc_id NUMBER [loc_id] Yes Location ID
logid STRING [logid] Yes  
split NUMBER [split] Yes Split ID
tenant STRING [tenant] Yes  
tenant_id NUMBER [tenant_id] Yes Tenant ID
ti_auxtime10 NUMBER [ti_auxtime10] Yes AUX Time 10 - Agent
ti_auxtime11 NUMBER [ti_auxtime11] Yes AUX Time 11 - Agent
ti_auxtime12 NUMBER [ti_auxtime12] Yes AUX Time 12 - Agent
ti_auxtime13 NUMBER [ti_auxtime13] Yes AUX Time 13 - Agent
ti_auxtime14 NUMBER [ti_auxtime14] Yes AUX Time 14 - Agent
ti_auxtime15 NUMBER [ti_auxtime15] Yes AUX Time 15 - Agent
ti_auxtime16 NUMBER [ti_auxtime16] Yes AUX Time 16 - Agent
ti_auxtime17 NUMBER [ti_auxtime17] Yes AUX Time 17 - Agent
ti_auxtime18 NUMBER [ti_auxtime18] Yes AUX Time 18 - Agent
ti_auxtime19 NUMBER [ti_auxtime19] Yes AUX Time 19 - Agent
ti_auxtime20 NUMBER [ti_auxtime20] Yes  
ti_auxtime21 NUMBER [ti_auxtime21] Yes  
ti_auxtime22 NUMBER [ti_auxtime22] Yes  
ti_auxtime23 NUMBER [ti_auxtime23] Yes  
ti_auxtime24 NUMBER [ti_auxtime24] Yes  
ti_auxtime25 NUMBER [ti_auxtime25] Yes  
ti_auxtime26 NUMBER [ti_auxtime26] Yes  
ti_auxtime27 NUMBER [ti_auxtime27] Yes  
ti_auxtime28 NUMBER [ti_auxtime28] Yes  
ti_auxtime29 NUMBER [ti_auxtime29] Yes  
ti_auxtime30 NUMBER [ti_auxtime30] Yes  
ti_auxtime31 NUMBER [ti_auxtime31] Yes  
ti_auxtime32 NUMBER [ti_auxtime32] Yes  
ti_auxtime33 NUMBER [ti_auxtime33] Yes  
ti_auxtime34 NUMBER [ti_auxtime34] Yes  
ti_auxtime35 NUMBER [ti_auxtime35] Yes  
ti_auxtime36 NUMBER [ti_auxtime36] Yes  
ti_auxtime37 NUMBER [ti_auxtime37] Yes  
ti_auxtime38 NUMBER [ti_auxtime38] Yes  
ti_auxtime39 NUMBER [ti_auxtime39] Yes  
ti_auxtime40 NUMBER [ti_auxtime40] Yes  
ti_auxtime41 NUMBER [ti_auxtime41] No  
ti_auxtime42 NUMBER [ti_auxtime42] No  
ti_auxtime43 NUMBER [ti_auxtime43] No  
ti_auxtime44 NUMBER [ti_auxtime44] No  
ti_auxtime45 NUMBER [ti_auxtime45] No  
ti_auxtime46 NUMBER [ti_auxtime46] No  
ti_auxtime47 NUMBER [ti_auxtime47] No  
ti_auxtime48 NUMBER [ti_auxtime48] No  
ti_auxtime49 NUMBER [ti_auxtime49] No  
ti_auxtime50 NUMBER [ti_auxtime50] No  
ti_auxtime51 NUMBER [ti_auxtime51] No  
ti_auxtime52 NUMBER [ti_auxtime52] No  
ti_auxtime53 NUMBER [ti_auxtime53] No  
ti_auxtime54 NUMBER [ti_auxtime54] No  
ti_auxtime55 NUMBER [ti_auxtime55] No  
ti_auxtime56 NUMBER [ti_auxtime56] No  
ti_auxtime57 NUMBER [ti_auxtime57] No  
ti_auxtime58 NUMBER [ti_auxtime58] No  
ti_auxtime59 NUMBER [ti_auxtime59] No  
ti_auxtime60 NUMBER [ti_auxtime60] No  
ti_auxtime61 NUMBER [ti_auxtime61] No  
ti_auxtime62 NUMBER [ti_auxtime62] No  
ti_auxtime63 NUMBER [ti_auxtime63] No  
ti_auxtime64 NUMBER [ti_auxtime64] No  
ti_auxtime65 NUMBER [ti_auxtime65] No  
ti_auxtime66 NUMBER [ti_auxtime66] No  
ti_auxtime67 NUMBER [ti_auxtime67] No  
ti_auxtime68 NUMBER [ti_auxtime68] No  
ti_auxtime69 NUMBER [ti_auxtime69] No  
ti_auxtime70 NUMBER [ti_auxtime70] No  
ti_auxtime71 NUMBER [ti_auxtime71] No  
ti_auxtime72 NUMBER [ti_auxtime72] No  
ti_auxtime73 NUMBER [ti_auxtime73] No  
ti_auxtime74 NUMBER [ti_auxtime74] No  
ti_auxtime75 NUMBER [ti_auxtime75] No  
ti_auxtime76 NUMBER [ti_auxtime76] No  
ti_auxtime77 NUMBER [ti_auxtime77] No  
ti_auxtime78 NUMBER [ti_auxtime78] No  
ti_auxtime79 NUMBER [ti_auxtime79] No  
ti_auxtime80 NUMBER [ti_auxtime80] No  
ti_auxtime81 NUMBER [ti_auxtime81] No  
ti_auxtime82 NUMBER [ti_auxtime82] No  
ti_auxtime83 NUMBER [ti_auxtime83] No  
ti_auxtime84 NUMBER [ti_auxtime84] No  
ti_auxtime85 NUMBER [ti_auxtime85] No  
ti_auxtime86 NUMBER [ti_auxtime86] No  
ti_auxtime87 NUMBER [ti_auxtime87] No  
ti_auxtime88 NUMBER [ti_auxtime88] No  
ti_auxtime89 NUMBER [ti_auxtime89] No  
ti_auxtime90 NUMBER [ti_auxtime90] No  
ti_auxtime91 NUMBER [ti_auxtime91] No  
ti_auxtime92 NUMBER [ti_auxtime92] No  
ti_auxtime93 NUMBER [ti_auxtime93] No  
ti_auxtime94 NUMBER [ti_auxtime94] No  
ti_auxtime95 NUMBER [ti_auxtime95] No  
ti_auxtime96 NUMBER [ti_auxtime96] No  
ti_auxtime97 NUMBER [ti_auxtime97] No  
ti_auxtime98 NUMBER [ti_auxtime98] No  
ti_auxtime99 NUMBER [ti_auxtime99] No  
udm_updated_ts STRING [udm_updated_ts] Yes  

Agent Group

Agent Group
Column name Column type Formula text Included Mapped to
acd NUMBER [acd] Yes  
acd_src STRING [acd_src] Yes  
agent_department STRING [agent_department] No  
agent_desc STRING [agent_desc] No  
agent_firstname STRING [agent_firstname] Yes Agent First Name
agent_group STRING [agent_group] Yes Agent Group
agent_login STRING [agent_login] Yes  
agent_surname STRING [agent_surname] Yes Agent Surname
agent_title STRING [agent_title] No  
supervisor_firstname STRING [supervisor_firstname] No  
supervisor_login STRING [supervisor_login] No  
supervisor_surname STRING [supervisor_surname] No  
tenant_id NUMBER [tenant_id] Yes Tenant ID
tenant_name STRING [tenant_name] Yes Tenant Name
udm_updated_ts STRING [udm_updated_ts] Yes  

Agent Interval

Agent Interval
Column name Column type Formula text Included Mapped to
acd NUMBER [acd] Yes  
acd_name STRING [acd_name] Yes  
acd_src STRING [acd_src] Yes  
acd_timezone STRING [acd_timezone] No  
agent_department STRING [agent_department] No  
agent_desc STRING [agent_desc] No  
agent_firstname STRING [agent_firstname] Yes Agent First Name
agent_login STRING [agent_login] Yes  
agent_surname STRING [agent_surname] Yes Agent Surname
agent_title STRING [agent_title] No  
hagent_abncalls NUMBER [hagent_abncalls] Yes  
hagent_abntime NUMBER [hagent_abntime] Yes  
hagent_acd_release NUMBER [hagent_acd_release] Yes  
hagent_acdauxoutcalls NUMBER [hagent_acdauxoutcalls] Yes  
hagent_acdcalls NUMBER [hagent_acdcalls] Yes ACD Calls - Agent
hagent_acdcalls_r1 NUMBER [hagent_acdcalls_r1] Yes  
hagent_acdcalls_r2 NUMBER [hagent_acdcalls_r2] Yes  
hagent_acdtime NUMBER [hagent_acdtime] Yes ACD Time - Agent
hagent_acwincalls NUMBER [hagent_acwincalls] Yes  
hagent_acwintime NUMBER [hagent_acwintime] Yes  
hagent_acwoutadjcalls NUMBER [hagent_acwoutadjcalls] Yes  
hagent_acwoutcalls NUMBER [hagent_acwoutcalls] Yes  
hagent_acwoutoffcalls NUMBER [hagent_acwoutoffcalls] Yes  
hagent_acwoutofftime NUMBER [hagent_acwoutofftime] Yes  
hagent_acwouttime NUMBER [hagent_acwouttime] Yes  
hagent_acwtime NUMBER [hagent_acwtime] Yes ACW Time - Agent
hagent_ansringtime NUMBER [hagent_ansringtime] Yes  
hagent_assists NUMBER [hagent_assists] Yes Assisted Call - Agent
hagent_auxincalls NUMBER [hagent_auxincalls] Yes AUX Inbound Extension Calls - Agent
hagent_auxintime NUMBER [hagent_auxintime] Yes AUX Inbound Extension Calls Talk Time - Agent
hagent_auxoutadjcalls NUMBER [hagent_auxoutadjcalls] Yes  
hagent_auxoutcalls NUMBER [hagent_auxoutcalls] Yes AUX Outbound Extension Calls - Agent
hagent_auxoutoffcalls NUMBER [hagent_auxoutoffcalls] Yes  
hagent_auxoutofftime NUMBER [hagent_auxoutofftime] Yes  
hagent_auxouttime NUMBER [hagent_auxouttime] Yes AUX Outbound Extension Calls Talk Time - Agent
hagent_conference NUMBER [hagent_conference] Yes Conference Call - Agent
hagent_da_abncalls NUMBER [hagent_da_abncalls] Yes  
hagent_da_abntime NUMBER [hagent_da_abntime] Yes  
hagent_da_acdcalls NUMBER [hagent_da_acdcalls] Yes  
hagent_da_acdtime NUMBER [hagent_da_acdtime] Yes  
hagent_da_acwincalls NUMBER [hagent_da_acwincalls] Yes  
hagent_da_acwintime NUMBER [hagent_da_acwintime] Yes  
hagent_da_acwoadjcalls NUMBER [hagent_da_acwoadjcalls] Yes  
hagent_da_acwocalls NUMBER [hagent_da_acwocalls] Yes  
hagent_da_acwooffcalls NUMBER [hagent_da_acwooffcalls] Yes  
hagent_da_acwoofftime NUMBER [hagent_da_acwoofftime] Yes  
hagent_da_acwotime NUMBER [hagent_da_acwotime] Yes  
hagent_da_acwtime NUMBER [hagent_da_acwtime] Yes  
hagent_da_anstime NUMBER [hagent_da_anstime] Yes  
hagent_da_othercalls NUMBER [hagent_da_othercalls] Yes  
hagent_da_othertime NUMBER [hagent_da_othertime] Yes  
hagent_da_release NUMBER [hagent_da_release] Yes  
hagent_event1 NUMBER [hagent_event1] Yes  
hagent_event2 NUMBER [hagent_event2] Yes  
hagent_event3 NUMBER [hagent_event3] Yes  
hagent_event4 NUMBER [hagent_event4] Yes  
hagent_event5 NUMBER [hagent_event5] Yes  
hagent_event6 NUMBER [hagent_event6] Yes  
hagent_event7 NUMBER [hagent_event7] Yes  
hagent_event8 NUMBER [hagent_event8] Yes  
hagent_event9 NUMBER [hagent_event9] Yes  
hagent_extension NUMBER [hagent_extension] Yes  
hagent_holdabncalls NUMBER [hagent_holdabncalls] Yes  
hagent_holdacdtime NUMBER [hagent_holdacdtime] Yes  
hagent_holdcalls NUMBER [hagent_holdcalls] Yes Calls On Hold - Agent
hagent_holdtime NUMBER [hagent_holdtime] Yes Hold Time - Agent
hagent_i_acdaux_outtime NUMBER [hagent_i_acdaux_outtime] Yes  
hagent_i_acdauxintime NUMBER [hagent_i_acdauxintime] Yes  
hagent_i_acdothertime NUMBER [hagent_i_acdothertime] Yes  
hagent_i_acdtime NUMBER [hagent_i_acdtime] Yes ACD Time - Agent by Split
hagent_i_acwintime NUMBER [hagent_i_acwintime] Yes  
hagent_i_acwouttime NUMBER [hagent_i_acwouttime] Yes  
hagent_i_acwtime NUMBER [hagent_i_acwtime] Yes ACW Time - Agent by Split
hagent_i_auxintime NUMBER [hagent_i_auxintime] Yes AUX Inbound Extension Calls - Agent by Split
hagent_i_auxouttime NUMBER [hagent_i_auxouttime] Yes  
hagent_i_auxstbytime NUMBER [hagent_i_auxstbytime] Yes  
hagent_i_auxtime NUMBER [hagent_i_auxtime] Yes AUX Inbound Extension Calls Talk Time - Agent by Split
hagent_i_availtime NUMBER [hagent_i_availtime] Yes Available For Calls Time - Agent by Split
hagent_i_da_acdtime NUMBER [hagent_i_da_acdtime] Yes  
hagent_i_da_acwtime NUMBER [hagent_i_da_acwtime] Yes  
hagent_i_otherstbytime NUMBER [hagent_i_otherstbytime] Yes  
hagent_i_othertime NUMBER [hagent_i_othertime] Yes  
hagent_i_ringtime NUMBER [hagent_i_ringtime] Yes Ring Time - Agent by Split
hagent_i_stafftime NUMBER [hagent_i_stafftime] Yes Staffed Time - Agent by Split
hagent_incomplete NUMBER [hagent_incomplete] Yes  
hagent_interval_utc DATE [hagent_interval_utc] Yes  
hagent_loc_id NUMBER [hagent_loc_id] Yes  
hagent_logid NUMBER [hagent_logid] Yes  
hagent_noansredir NUMBER [hagent_noansredir] Yes No Answer Redirected Calls - Agent
hagent_o_acdcalls NUMBER [hagent_o_acdcalls] Yes  
hagent_o_acdtime NUMBER [hagent_o_acdtime] Yes  
hagent_o_acwtime NUMBER [hagent_o_acwtime] Yes  
hagent_phantomabns NUMBER [hagent_phantomabns] Yes  
hagent_ringcalls NUMBER [hagent_ringcalls] Yes Ring Calls - Agent
hagent_ringtime NUMBER [hagent_ringtime] Yes Ring Time - Agent
hagent_rsv_level NUMBER [hagent_rsv_level] No  
hagent_ti_auxtime NUMBER [hagent_ti_auxtime] Yes AUX Time - Agent
hagent_ti_auxtime0 NUMBER [hagent_ti_auxtime0] Yes AUX Time 0 - Agent
hagent_ti_auxtime1 NUMBER [hagent_ti_auxtime1] Yes AUX Time 1 - Agent
hagent_ti_auxtime2 NUMBER [hagent_ti_auxtime2] Yes AUX Time 2 - Agent
hagent_ti_auxtime3 NUMBER [hagent_ti_auxtime3] Yes AUX Time 3 - Agent
hagent_ti_auxtime4 NUMBER [hagent_ti_auxtime4] Yes AUX Time 4 - Agent
hagent_ti_auxtime5 NUMBER [hagent_ti_auxtime5] Yes AUX Time 5 - Agent
hagent_ti_auxtime6 NUMBER [hagent_ti_auxtime6] Yes AUX Time 6- Agent
hagent_ti_auxtime7 NUMBER [hagent_ti_auxtime7] Yes AUX Time 7- Agent
hagent_ti_auxtime8 NUMBER [hagent_ti_auxtime8] Yes AUX Time 8 - Agent
hagent_ti_auxtime9 NUMBER [hagent_ti_auxtime9] Yes AUX Time 9 - Agent
hagent_ti_availtime NUMBER [hagent_ti_availtime] Yes Available For Calls Time - Agent
hagent_ti_othertime NUMBER [hagent_ti_othertime] Yes  
hagent_ti_stafftime NUMBER [hagent_ti_stafftime] Yes Staffed Time - Agent
hagent_transferred NUMBER [hagent_transferred] Yes Calls Transferred - Agent
split NUMBER [split] Yes Split ID
split_desc STRING [split_desc] Yes  
split_name STRING [split_name] Yes Split Name
supervisor_firstname STRING [supervisor_firstname] No  
supervisor_login STRING [supervisor_login] No  
supervisor_surname STRING [supervisor_surname] No  
tenant_id NUMBER [tenant_id] Yes Tenant ID
tenant_name STRING [tenant_name] Yes Tenant Name
udm_updated_ts STRING [udm_updated_ts] Yes  

Agent Login Logout

Agent Login Logout
Column name Column type Formula text Included Mapped to
acd NUMBER [acd] Yes  
acd_name STRING [acd_name] Yes  
acd_src STRING [acd_src] Yes  
agent_firstname STRING [agent_firstname] Yes Agent First Name
agent_login STRING [agent_login] Yes  
agent_surname STRING [agent_surname] Yes Agent Surname
haglog_extn NUMBER [haglog_extn] Yes  
haglog_inflag STRING [haglog_inflag] No  
haglog_interval_utc DATE [haglog_interval_utc] Yes  
haglog_loc_id NUMBER [haglog_loc_id] Yes  
haglog_logid NUMBER [haglog_logid] Yes  
haglog_login NUMBER [haglog_login] No  
haglog_login_time DATE [haglog_login_time] Yes Login Time
haglog_logonskill2 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill2] Yes  
haglog_logonskill3 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill3] Yes  
haglog_logonskill4 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill4] Yes  
haglog_logonskill5 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill5] Yes  
haglog_logonskill6 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill6] Yes  
haglog_logonskill7 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill7] Yes  
haglog_logonskill8 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill8] Yes  
haglog_logonskill9 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill9] Yes  
haglog_logonskill10 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill10] Yes  
haglog_logonskill11 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill11] Yes  
haglog_logonskill12 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill12] Yes  
haglog_logonskill13 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill13] Yes  
haglog_logonskill14 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill14] Yes  
haglog_logonskill15 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill15] No  
haglog_logonskill16 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill16] No  
haglog_logonskill17 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill17] No  
haglog_logonskill18 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill18] No  
haglog_logonskill19 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill19] No  
haglog_logonskill20 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill20] No  
haglog_logonskill21 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill21] No  
haglog_logonskill22 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill22] No  
haglog_logonskill23 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill23] No  
haglog_logonskill24 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill24] No  
haglog_logonskill25 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill25] No  
haglog_logonskill26 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill26] No  
haglog_logonskill27 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill27] No  
haglog_logonskill28 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill28] No  
haglog_logonskill29 NUMBER [haglog_logonskill29] No  
haglog_logonskill30 STRING [haglog_logonskill30] No  
haglog_logonskill31 STRING [haglog_logonskill31] No  
haglog_logonskill32 STRING [haglog_logonskill32] No  
haglog_logonskill33 STRING [haglog_logonskill33] No  
haglog_logonskill34 STRING [haglog_logonskill34] No  
haglog_logonskill35 STRING [haglog_logonskill35] No  
haglog_logonskill36 STRING [haglog_logonskill36] No  
haglog_logonskill37 STRING [haglog_logonskill37] No  
haglog_logonskill38 STRING [haglog_logonskill38] No  
haglog_logonskill39 STRING [haglog_logonskill39] No  
haglog_logonskill40 STRING [haglog_logonskill40] No  
haglog_logonskill41 STRING [haglog_logonskill41] No  
haglog_logonskill42 STRING [haglog_logonskill42] No  
haglog_logonskill43 STRING [haglog_logonskill43] No  
haglog_logonskill44 STRING [haglog_logonskill44] No  
haglog_logonskill45 STRING [haglog_logonskill45] No  
haglog_logonskill46 STRING [haglog_logonskill46] No  
haglog_logonskill47 STRING [haglog_logonskill47] No  
haglog_logonskill48 STRING [haglog_logonskill48] No  
haglog_logonskill49 STRING [haglog_logonskill49] No  
haglog_logonskill50 STRING [haglog_logonskill50] No  
haglog_logonskill51 STRING [haglog_logonskill51] No  
haglog_logonskill52 STRING [haglog_logonskill52] No  
haglog_logonskill53 STRING [haglog_logonskill53] No  
haglog_logonskill54 STRING [haglog_logonskill54] No  
haglog_logonskill55 STRING [haglog_logonskill55] No  
haglog_logonskill56 STRING [haglog_logonskill56] No  
haglog_logonskill57 STRING [haglog_logonskill57] No  
haglog_logonskill58 STRING [haglog_logonskill58] No  
haglog_logonskill59 STRING [haglog_logonskill59] No  
haglog_logonskill60 STRING [haglog_logonskill60] No  
haglog_logout NUMBER [haglog_logout] No  
haglog_logout_time DATE [haglog_logout_time] Yes Logout Time
haglog_logoutreason NUMBER [haglog_logoutreason] No  
haglog_outflag STRING [haglog_outflag] No  
haglog_preference NUMBER [haglog_preference] Yes  
haglog_seq_num NUMBER [haglog_seq_num] Yes  
haglog_skilltype STRING [haglog_skilltype] Yes  
haglog_skilltype2 STRING [haglog_skilltype2] Yes  
haglog_skilltype3 STRING [haglog_skilltype3] Yes  
haglog_skilltype4 STRING [haglog_skilltype4] Yes  
haglog_sklevel NUMBER [haglog_sklevel] Yes  
haglog_sklevel2 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel2] Yes  
haglog_sklevel3 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel3] Yes  
haglog_sklevel4 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel4] Yes  
haglog_sklevel5 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel5] Yes  
haglog_sklevel6 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel6] Yes  
haglog_sklevel7 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel7] Yes  
haglog_sklevel8 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel8] Yes  
haglog_sklevel9 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel9] Yes  
haglog_sklevel10 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel10] Yes  
haglog_sklevel11 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel11] Yes  
haglog_sklevel12 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel12] Yes  
haglog_sklevel13 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel13] Yes  
haglog_sklevel14 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel14] Yes  
haglog_sklevel15 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel15] No  
haglog_sklevel16 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel16] No  
haglog_sklevel17 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel17] No  
haglog_sklevel18 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel18] No  
haglog_sklevel19 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel19] No  
haglog_sklevel20 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel20] No  
haglog_sklevel21 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel21] No  
haglog_sklevel22 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel22] No  
haglog_sklevel23 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel23] No  
haglog_sklevel24 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel24] No  
haglog_sklevel25 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel25] No  
haglog_sklevel26 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel26] No  
haglog_sklevel27 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel27] No  
haglog_sklevel28 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel28] No  
haglog_sklevel29 NUMBER [haglog_sklevel29] No  
haglog_sklevel30 STRING [haglog_sklevel30] No  
haglog_sklevel31 STRING [haglog_sklevel31] No  
haglog_sklevel32 STRING [haglog_sklevel32] No  
haglog_sklevel33 STRING [haglog_sklevel33] No  
haglog_sklevel34 STRING [haglog_sklevel34] No  
haglog_sklevel35 STRING [haglog_sklevel35] No  
haglog_sklevel36 STRING [haglog_sklevel36] No  
haglog_sklevel37 STRING [haglog_sklevel37] No  
haglog_sklevel38 STRING [haglog_sklevel38] No  
haglog_sklevel39 STRING [haglog_sklevel39] No  
haglog_sklevel40 STRING [haglog_sklevel40] No  
haglog_sklevel41 STRING [haglog_sklevel41] No  
haglog_sklevel42 STRING [haglog_sklevel42] No  
haglog_sklevel43 STRING [haglog_sklevel43] No  
haglog_sklevel44 STRING [haglog_sklevel44] No  
haglog_sklevel45 STRING [haglog_sklevel45] No  
haglog_sklevel46 STRING [haglog_sklevel46] No  
haglog_sklevel47 STRING [haglog_sklevel47] No  
haglog_sklevel48 STRING [haglog_sklevel48] No  
haglog_sklevel49 STRING [haglog_sklevel49] No  
haglog_sklevel50 STRING [haglog_sklevel50] No  
haglog_sklevel51 STRING [haglog_sklevel51] No  
haglog_sklevel52 STRING [haglog_sklevel52] No  
haglog_sklevel53 STRING [haglog_sklevel53] No  
haglog_sklevel54 STRING [haglog_sklevel54] No  
haglog_sklevel55 STRING [haglog_sklevel55] No  
haglog_sklevel56 STRING [haglog_sklevel56] No  
haglog_sklevel57 STRING [haglog_sklevel57] No  
haglog_sklevel58 STRING [haglog_sklevel58] No  
haglog_sklevel59 STRING [haglog_sklevel59] No  
haglog_sklevel60 STRING [haglog_sklevel60] No  
haglog_skpercent NUMBER [haglog_skpercent] Yes  
haglog_skpercent2 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent2] Yes  
haglog_skpercent3 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent3] Yes  
haglog_skpercent4 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent4] Yes  
haglog_skpercent5 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent5] Yes  
haglog_skpercent6 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent6] Yes  
haglog_skpercent7 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent7] Yes  
haglog_skpercent8 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent8] Yes  
haglog_skpercent9 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent9] Yes  
haglog_skpercent10 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent10] Yes  
haglog_skpercent11 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent11] Yes  
haglog_skpercent12 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent12] Yes  
haglog_skpercent13 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent13] Yes  
haglog_skpercent14 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent14] Yes  
haglog_skpercent15 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent15] No  
haglog_skpercent16 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent16] No  
haglog_skpercent17 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent17] No  
haglog_skpercent18 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent18] No  
haglog_skpercent19 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent19] No  
haglog_skpercent20 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent20] No  
haglog_skpercent21 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent21] No  
haglog_skpercent22 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent22] No  
haglog_skpercent23 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent23] No  
haglog_skpercent24 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent24] No  
haglog_skpercent25 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent25] No  
haglog_skpercent26 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent26] No  
haglog_skpercent27 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent27] No  
haglog_skpercent28 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent28] No  
haglog_skpercent29 NUMBER [haglog_skpercent29] No  
haglog_skpercent30 STRING [haglog_skpercent30] No  
haglog_skpercent31 STRING [haglog_skpercent31] No  
haglog_skpercent32 STRING [haglog_skpercent32] No  
haglog_skpercent33 STRING [haglog_skpercent33] No  
haglog_skpercent34 STRING [haglog_skpercent34] No  
haglog_skpercent35 STRING [haglog_skpercent35] No  
haglog_skpercent36 STRING [haglog_skpercent36] No  
haglog_skpercent37 STRING [haglog_skpercent37] No  
haglog_skpercent38 STRING [haglog_skpercent38] No  
haglog_skpercent39 STRING [haglog_skpercent39] No  
haglog_skpercent40 STRING [haglog_skpercent40] No  
haglog_skpercent41 STRING [haglog_skpercent41] No  
haglog_skpercent42 STRING [haglog_skpercent42] No  
haglog_skpercent43 STRING [haglog_skpercent43] No  
haglog_skpercent44 STRING [haglog_skpercent44] No  
haglog_skpercent45 STRING [haglog_skpercent45] No  
haglog_skpercent46 STRING [haglog_skpercent46] No  
haglog_skpercent47 STRING [haglog_skpercent47] No  
haglog_skpercent48 STRING [haglog_skpercent48] No  
haglog_skpercent49 STRING [haglog_skpercent49] No  
haglog_skpercent50 STRING [haglog_skpercent50] No  
haglog_skpercent51 STRING [haglog_skpercent51] No  
haglog_skpercent52 STRING [haglog_skpercent52] No  
haglog_skpercent53 STRING [haglog_skpercent53] No  
haglog_skpercent54 STRING [haglog_skpercent54] No  
haglog_skpercent55 STRING [haglog_skpercent55] No  
haglog_skpercent56 STRING [haglog_skpercent56] No  
haglog_skpercent57 STRING [haglog_skpercent57] No  
haglog_skpercent58 STRING [haglog_skpercent58] No  
haglog_skpercent59 STRING [haglog_skpercent59] No  
haglog_skpercent60 STRING [haglog_skpercent60] No  
split NUMBER [split] Yes Split ID
split_name STRING [split_name] Yes Split Name
tenant_id NUMBER [tenant_id] Yes Tenant ID
tenant_name STRING [tenant_name] Yes Tenant Name
udm_updated_ts STRING [udm_updated_ts] Yes  
utc_offset NUMBER [utc_offset] Yes UTC Offset


Column name Column type Formula texst Included Mapped to
acd NUMBER [acd] Yes  
acd_name STRING [acd_name] Yes  
acd_src STRING [acd_src] Yes  
acd_timezone STRING [acd_timezone] No  
agent_firstname_ans STRING [agent_firstname_ans] Yes  
agent_firstname_orig STRING [agent_firstname_orig] Yes Originating Agent First Name
agent_login_ans STRING [agent_login_ans] Yes  
agent_login_orig NUMBER [agent_login_orig] Yes Originating Agent Login ID
agent_surname_ans STRING [agent_surname_ans] Yes  
agent_surname_orig STRING [agent_surname_orig] Yes Originating Agent Surname
ansreason NUMBER [ansreason] Yes Answer Reason
ansreason_desc STRING [ansreason_desc] Yes Answer Reason Desc
callid NUMBER [callid] Yes Call ID
cdr_acwtime NUMBER [cdr_acwtime] Yes ACW Time - Echi
cdr_agentreleased NUMBER [cdr_agentreleased] Yes Agent Released
cdr_agentskilllevel NUMBER [cdr_agentskilllevel] Yes  
cdr_agentsurplus NUMBER [cdr_agentsurplus] Yes  
cdr_answerlocid NUMBER [cdr_answerlocid] Yes  
cdr_asaiuui STRING [cdr_asaiuui] Yes  
cdr_assist NUMBER [cdr_assist] Yes Assisted Call - Echi
cdr_audiodifficulty NUMBER [cdr_audiodifficulty] Yes  
cdr_calldisp NUMBER [cdr_calldisp] Yes Call Disposition ID
cdr_calldisp_desc STRING [cdr_calldisp_desc] Yes Call Disposition
cdr_callingii STRING [cdr_callingii] Yes  
cdr_callingparty STRING [cdr_callingparty] Yes Calling Party
cdr_collectdigits STRING [cdr_collectdigits] Yes  
cdr_conference NUMBER [cdr_conference] Yes Conference Calls - Echi
cdr_consulttime NUMBER [cdr_consulttime] Yes Consult Time
cdr_cwcdigits NUMBER [cdr_cwcdigits] Yes  
cdr_cwcs0 STRING [cdr_cwcs0] Yes  
cdr_cwcs1 STRING [cdr_cwcs1] Yes  
cdr_cwcs2 STRING [cdr_cwcs2] Yes  
cdr_cwcs3 STRING [cdr_cwcs3] Yes  
cdr_cwcs4 STRING [cdr_cwcs4] Yes  
cdr_daqueued NUMBER [cdr_daqueued] Yes  
cdr_dialednumber NUMBER [cdr_dialednumber] Yes Dialed Number
cdr_disppriority NUMBER [cdr_disppriority] Yes  
cdr_dispsklevel NUMBER [cdr_dispsklevel] Yes  
cdr_disptime NUMBER [cdr_disptime] Yes Answer Delay
cdr_duration NUMBER [cdr_duration] Yes Total Time
cdr_eqloc STRING [cdr_eqloc] Yes  
cdr_events0 NUMBER [cdr_events0] Yes  
cdr_events1 NUMBER [cdr_events1] Yes  
cdr_events2 NUMBER [cdr_events2] Yes  
cdr_events3 NUMBER [cdr_events3] Yes  
cdr_events4 NUMBER [cdr_events4] Yes  
cdr_events5 NUMBER [cdr_events5] Yes  
cdr_events6 NUMBER [cdr_events6] Yes  
cdr_events7 NUMBER [cdr_events7] Yes  
cdr_events8 NUMBER [cdr_events8] Yes  
cdr_firstivector NUMBER [cdr_firstivector] Yes  
cdr_firstvdn NUMBER [cdr_firstvdn] Yes VDN 1st In
cdr_holdabn NUMBER [cdr_holdabn] Yes Calls On Hold Abandoned - Echi
cdr_holds NUMBER [cdr_holds] Yes Calls On Hold - Echi
cdr_interruptdel NUMBER [cdr_interruptdel] Yes  
cdr_lastobserver STRING [cdr_lastobserver] Yes  
cdr_malicious NUMBER [cdr_malicious] Yes  
cdr_netintime NUMBER [cdr_netintime] Yes  
cdr_observingcall NUMBER [cdr_observingcall] Yes  
cdr_obslocid NUMBER [cdr_obslocid] Yes  
cdr_onholdtime NUMBER [cdr_onholdtime] Yes Hold Time - Echi
cdr_origholdtime NUMBER [cdr_origholdtime] Yes  
cdr_origlocid NUMBER [cdr_origlocid] Yes  
cdr_prefskilllevel NUMBER [cdr_prefskilllevel] Yes  
cdr_queuetime NUMBER [cdr_queuetime] Yes  
cdr_ringtime NUMBER [cdr_ringtime] Yes Ring Time - Echi
cdr_split1 NUMBER [cdr_split1] Yes  
cdr_split2 NUMBER [cdr_split2] Yes  
cdr_split3 NUMBER [cdr_split3] Yes  
cdr_talktime NUMBER [cdr_talktime] Yes  
cdr_tklocid NUMBER [cdr_tklocid] Yes  
cdr_transferred NUMBER [cdr_transferred] Yes Calls Transferred - Echi
cdr_trunkgroup NUMBER [cdr_trunkgroup] Yes  
cdr_ucid NUMBER [cdr_ucid] Yes  
cdr_uuilen NUMBER [cdr_uuilen] Yes  
cdr_vdn2 NUMBER [cdr_vdn2] Yes  
cdr_vdn3 NUMBER [cdr_vdn3] Yes  
cdr_vdn4 NUMBER [cdr_vdn4] Yes  
cdr_vdn5 NUMBER [cdr_vdn5] Yes  
cdr_vdn6 STRING [cdr_vdn6] Yes  
cdr_vdn7 STRING [cdr_vdn7] Yes  
cdr_vdn8 STRING [cdr_vdn8] Yes  
cdr_vdn9 STRING [cdr_vdn9] Yes  
last_updated STRING [last_updated] Yes  
origreason NUMBER [origreason] Yes Originating Reason
origreason_desc STRING [origreason_desc] Yes Originating Reason Desc
segment NUMBER [segment] Yes Segment
segstart_utc DATE [segstart_utc] Yes Segment Start
segstop_utc DATE [segstop_utc] Yes  
split NUMBER [split] Yes Split ID
split_name STRING [split_name] Yes Split Name
tenant_id NUMBER [tenant_id] Yes Tenant ID
tenant_name STRING [tenant_name] Yes Tenant Name
vdn NUMBER [vdn] Yes VDN Number
vdn_name STRING [vdn_name] Yes VDN Name
vector NUMBER [vector] Yes  
vector_name STRING [vector_name] Yes  

Split Interval

Split Interval
Column name Column type Formula text Included Mapped to
acd NUMBER [acd] Yes  
acd_name STRING [acd_name] Yes  
acd_src STRING [acd_src] Yes  
acd_timezone STRING [acd_timezone] No  
hsplit_abncalls NUMBER [hsplit_abncalls] Yes Calls Abandoned - Split
hsplit_abncalls1 NUMBER [hsplit_abncalls1] Yes  
hsplit_abncalls2 NUMBER [hsplit_abncalls2] Yes  
hsplit_abncalls3 NUMBER [hsplit_abncalls3] Yes  
hsplit_abncalls4 NUMBER [hsplit_abncalls4] Yes  
hsplit_abncalls5 NUMBER [hsplit_abncalls5] Yes  
hsplit_abncalls6 NUMBER [hsplit_abncalls6] Yes  
hsplit_abncalls7 NUMBER [hsplit_abncalls7] Yes  
hsplit_abncalls8 NUMBER [hsplit_abncalls8] Yes  
hsplit_abncalls9 NUMBER [hsplit_abncalls9] Yes  
hsplit_abncalls10 NUMBER [hsplit_abncalls10] Yes  
hsplit_abnringcalls NUMBER [hsplit_abnringcalls] Yes  
hsplit_abntime NUMBER [hsplit_abntime] Yes Abandon Time - Split
hsplit_acceptable NUMBER [hsplit_acceptable] Yes Calls Acceptable - Split
hsplit_acdauxoutcalls NUMBER [hsplit_acdauxoutcalls] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls] Yes ACD Calls - Split
hsplit_acdcalls_r1 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls_r1] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls_r2 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls_r2] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls1 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls1] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls2 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls2] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls3 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls3] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls4 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls4] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls5 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls5] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls6 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls6] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls7 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls7] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls8 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls8] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls9 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls9] Yes  
hsplit_acdcalls10 NUMBER [hsplit_acdcalls10] Yes  
hsplit_acdtime NUMBER [hsplit_acdtime] Yes ACD Time - Split
hsplit_acwincalls NUMBER [hsplit_acwincalls] Yes  
hsplit_acwintime NUMBER [hsplit_acwintime] Yes  
hsplit_acwoutadjcalls NUMBER [hsplit_acwoutadjcalls] Yes  
hsplit_acwoutcalls NUMBER [hsplit_acwoutcalls] Yes  
hsplit_acwoutoffcalls NUMBER [hsplit_acwoutoffcalls] Yes  
hsplit_acwoutofftime NUMBER [hsplit_acwoutofftime] Yes  
hsplit_acwouttime NUMBER [hsplit_acwouttime] Yes  
hsplit_acwtime NUMBER [hsplit_acwtime] Yes ACW Time - Split
hsplit_anstime NUMBER [hsplit_anstime] Yes Answer Time - Split
hsplit_assists NUMBER [hsplit_assists] Yes  
hsplit_auxincalls NUMBER [hsplit_auxincalls] Yes  
hsplit_auxintime NUMBER [hsplit_auxintime] Yes  
hsplit_auxoutadjcalls NUMBER [hsplit_auxoutadjcalls] Yes  
hsplit_auxoutcalls NUMBER [hsplit_auxoutcalls] Yes  
hsplit_auxoutoffcalls NUMBER [hsplit_auxoutoffcalls] Yes  
hsplit_auxoutofftime NUMBER [hsplit_auxoutofftime] Yes  
hsplit_auxouttime NUMBER [hsplit_auxouttime] Yes  
hsplit_backupcalls NUMBER [hsplit_backupcalls] Yes  
hsplit_busycalls NUMBER [hsplit_busycalls] Yes  
hsplit_busytime NUMBER [hsplit_busytime] Yes  
hsplit_callsoffered NUMBER [hsplit_callsoffered] Yes Calls Offered
hsplit_conference NUMBER [hsplit_conference] Yes  
hsplit_da_acwincalls NUMBER [hsplit_da_acwincalls] Yes  
hsplit_da_acwintime NUMBER [hsplit_da_acwintime] Yes  
hsplit_da_acwocalls NUMBER [hsplit_da_acwocalls] Yes  
hsplit_da_acwotime NUMBER [hsplit_da_acwotime] Yes  
hsplit_dequecalls NUMBER [hsplit_dequecalls] Yes Calls Dequeued
hsplit_dequetime NUMBER [hsplit_dequetime] Yes  
hsplit_disccalls NUMBER [hsplit_disccalls] Yes Calls Disconnected - Split
hsplit_disctime NUMBER [hsplit_disctime] Yes  
hsplit_event1 NUMBER [hsplit_event1] Yes  
hsplit_event2 NUMBER [hsplit_event2] Yes  
hsplit_event3 NUMBER [hsplit_event3] Yes  
hsplit_event4 NUMBER [hsplit_event4] Yes  
hsplit_event5 NUMBER [hsplit_event5] Yes  
hsplit_event6 NUMBER [hsplit_event6] Yes  
hsplit_event7 NUMBER [hsplit_event7] Yes  
hsplit_event8 NUMBER [hsplit_event8] Yes  
hsplit_event9 NUMBER [hsplit_event9] Yes  
hsplit_highcalls NUMBER [hsplit_highcalls] Yes  
hsplit_holdabncalls NUMBER [hsplit_holdabncalls] Yes  
hsplit_holdcalls NUMBER [hsplit_holdcalls] Yes Calls On Hold - Split
hsplit_holdtime NUMBER [hsplit_holdtime] Yes Hold Time - Split
hsplit_i_acdaux_outtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_acdaux_outtime] Yes  
hsplit_i_acdauxintime NUMBER [hsplit_i_acdauxintime] Yes  
hsplit_i_acdothertime NUMBER [hsplit_i_acdothertime] Yes  
hsplit_i_acdtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_acdtime] Yes ACD Time - by Split
hsplit_i_acdtime_r1 NUMBER [hsplit_i_acdtime_r1] Yes  
hsplit_i_acdtime_r2 NUMBER [hsplit_i_acdtime_r2] Yes  
hsplit_i_acwintime NUMBER [hsplit_i_acwintime] Yes  
hsplit_i_acwouttime NUMBER [hsplit_i_acwouttime] Yes  
hsplit_i_acwtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_acwtime] Yes ACW Time - by Split
hsplit_i_acwtime_r1 NUMBER [hsplit_i_acwtime_r1] Yes  
hsplit_i_acwtime_r2 NUMBER [hsplit_i_acwtime_r2] Yes  
hsplit_i_arrived NUMBER [hsplit_i_arrived] Yes  
hsplit_i_autoreservetime NUMBER [hsplit_i_autoreservetime] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxintime NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxintime] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxouttime NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxouttime] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxstbytime_r1 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxstbytime_r1] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxstbytime_r2 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxstbytime_r2] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime] Yes AUX Time - by Split
hsplit_i_auxtime_r1 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime_r1] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime_r2 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime_r2] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime0 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime0] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime1 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime1] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime2 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime2] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime3 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime3] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime4 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime4] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime5 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime5] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime6 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime6] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime7 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime7] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime8 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime8] Yes  
hsplit_i_auxtime9 NUMBER [hsplit_i_auxtime9] Yes  
hsplit_i_availtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_availtime] Yes Available For Calls Time - by Split
hsplit_i_behindtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_behindtime] Yes  
hsplit_i_da_acdtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_da_acdtime] Yes  
hsplit_i_da_acwtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_da_acwtime] Yes  
hsplit_i_normtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_normtime] Yes  
hsplit_i_ol1time NUMBER [hsplit_i_ol1time] Yes  
hsplit_i_ol2time NUMBER [hsplit_i_ol2time] Yes  
hsplit_i_otherstbytime_r1 NUMBER [hsplit_i_otherstbytime_r1] Yes  
hsplit_i_otherstbytime_r2 NUMBER [hsplit_i_otherstbytime_r2] Yes  
hsplit_i_othertime NUMBER [hsplit_i_othertime] Yes Other Time - by Split
hsplit_i_othertime_r1 NUMBER [hsplit_i_othertime_r1] Yes  
hsplit_i_othertime_r2 NUMBER [hsplit_i_othertime_r2] Yes  
hsplit_i_ringtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_ringtime] Yes  
hsplit_i_ringtime_r1 NUMBER [hsplit_i_ringtime_r1] Yes  
hsplit_i_ringtime_r2 NUMBER [hsplit_i_ringtime_r2] Yes  
hsplit_i_stafftime NUMBER [hsplit_i_stafftime] Yes Staffed Time - by Split
hsplit_i_tauxtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_tauxtime] Yes  
hsplit_i_tavailtime NUMBER [hsplit_i_tavailtime] Yes  
hsplit_i_tothertime NUMBER [hsplit_i_tothertime] Yes  
hsplit_incomplete NUMBER [hsplit_incomplete] Yes  
hsplit_inflowcalls NUMBER [hsplit_inflowcalls] Yes Flow In Calls - Split
hsplit_interflowcalls NUMBER [hsplit_interflowcalls] Yes  
hsplit_interval_utc DATE [hsplit_interval_utc] Yes  
hsplit_lowcalls NUMBER [hsplit_lowcalls] Yes  
hsplit_max_tot_percents NUMBER [hsplit_max_tot_percents] Yes  
hsplit_maxinqueue NUMBER [hsplit_maxinqueue] Yes  
hsplit_maxocwtime NUMBER [hsplit_maxocwtime] Yes Max Call Wait Time - Split
hsplit_maxstaffed NUMBER [hsplit_maxstaffed] Yes Max Staffed
hsplit_maxtop NUMBER [hsplit_maxtop] Yes  
hsplit_medcalls NUMBER [hsplit_medcalls] Yes  
hsplit_noansredir NUMBER [hsplit_noansredir] Yes  
hsplit_o_abncalls NUMBER [hsplit_o_abncalls] Yes  
hsplit_o_acdcalls NUMBER [hsplit_o_acdcalls] Yes  
hsplit_o_acdtime NUMBER [hsplit_o_acdtime] Yes  
hsplit_o_acwtime NUMBER [hsplit_o_acwtime] Yes  
hsplit_o_othercalls NUMBER [hsplit_o_othercalls] Yes  
hsplit_othercalls NUMBER [hsplit_othercalls] Yes Other Calls - Split
hsplit_othertime NUMBER [hsplit_othertime] Yes Other Time - Split
hsplit_outflowcalls NUMBER [hsplit_outflowcalls] Yes Flow Out Calls - Split
hsplit_outflowtime NUMBER [hsplit_outflowtime] Yes  
hsplit_period1 NUMBER [hsplit_period1] Yes  
hsplit_period2 NUMBER [hsplit_period2] Yes  
hsplit_period3 NUMBER [hsplit_period3] Yes  
hsplit_period4 NUMBER [hsplit_period4] Yes  
hsplit_period5 NUMBER [hsplit_period5] Yes  
hsplit_period6 NUMBER [hsplit_period6] Yes  
hsplit_period7 NUMBER [hsplit_period7] Yes  
hsplit_period8 NUMBER [hsplit_period8] Yes  
hsplit_period9 NUMBER [hsplit_period9] Yes  
hsplit_periodchg NUMBER [hsplit_periodchg] Yes  
hsplit_phantomabns NUMBER [hsplit_phantomabns] Yes  
hsplit_ringcalls NUMBER [hsplit_ringcalls] Yes  
hsplit_ringtime NUMBER [hsplit_ringtime] Yes  
hsplit_servicelevel NUMBER [hsplit_servicelevel] Yes  
hsplit_slvlabns NUMBER [hsplit_slvlabns] Yes  
hsplit_slvloutflows NUMBER [hsplit_slvloutflows] Yes  
hsplit_svclevelchg NUMBER [hsplit_svclevelchg] Yes  
hsplit_targetabns NUMBER [hsplit_targetabns] Yes  
hsplit_targetacdcalls NUMBER [hsplit_targetacdcalls] Yes  
hsplit_targetoutflows NUMBER [hsplit_targetoutflows] Yes  
hsplit_targetpctchg NUMBER [hsplit_targetpctchg] Yes  
hsplit_targetpercent NUMBER [hsplit_targetpercent] Yes  
hsplit_targetsecchg NUMBER [hsplit_targetsecchg] Yes  
hsplit_targetseconds NUMBER [hsplit_targetseconds] Yes  
hsplit_topcalls NUMBER [hsplit_topcalls] Yes  
hsplit_transferred NUMBER [hsplit_transferred] Yes  
split NUMBER [split] Yes Split ID
split_desc STRING [split_desc] Yes  
split_name STRING [split_name] Yes Split Name
tenant_id NUMBER [tenant_id] Yes Tenant ID
tenant_name STRING [tenant_name] Yes Tenant Name
udm_updated_ts STRING [udm_updated_ts] Yes  

VDN Interval

VDN Interval
Column name Column type Formula text Included Mapped to
acd NUMBER [acd] Yes  
acd_name STRING [acd_name] Yes  
acd_src STRING [acd_src] Yes  
acd_timezone STRING [acd_timezone] No  
hvdn_abncalls NUMBER [hvdn_abncalls] Yes Calls Abandoned - VDN
hvdn_abncalls1 NUMBER [hvdn_abncalls1] Yes  
hvdn_abncalls2 NUMBER [hvdn_abncalls2] Yes  
hvdn_abncalls3 NUMBER [hvdn_abncalls3] Yes  
hvdn_abncalls4 NUMBER [hvdn_abncalls4] Yes  
hvdn_abncalls5 NUMBER [hvdn_abncalls5] Yes  
hvdn_abncalls6 NUMBER [hvdn_abncalls6] Yes  
hvdn_abncalls7 NUMBER [hvdn_abncalls7] Yes  
hvdn_abncalls8 NUMBER [hvdn_abncalls8] Yes  
hvdn_abncalls9 NUMBER [hvdn_abncalls9] Yes  
hvdn_abncalls10 NUMBER [hvdn_abncalls10] Yes  
hvdn_abnquecalls NUMBER [hvdn_abnquecalls] Yes  
hvdn_abnringcalls NUMBER [hvdn_abnringcalls] Yes  
hvdn_abntime NUMBER [hvdn_abntime] Yes Abandon Time - VDN
hvdn_acceptable NUMBER [hvdn_acceptable] Yes Calls Acceptable - VDN
hvdn_acdcalls NUMBER [hvdn_acdcalls] Yes ACD Calls - VDN
hvdn_acdcalls_r1 NUMBER [hvdn_acdcalls_r1] No  
hvdn_acdcalls_r2 NUMBER [hvdn_acdcalls_r2] No  
hvdn_acdtime NUMBER [hvdn_acdtime] Yes ACD Time - VDN
hvdn_acwtime NUMBER [hvdn_acwtime] Yes ACW Time - VDN
hvdn_adjattempts NUMBER [hvdn_adjattempts] Yes  
hvdn_adjrouted NUMBER [hvdn_adjrouted] Yes  
hvdn_ansconncalls1 NUMBER [hvdn_ansconncalls1] Yes  
hvdn_ansconncalls2 NUMBER [hvdn_ansconncalls2] Yes  
hvdn_ansconncalls3 NUMBER [hvdn_ansconncalls3] Yes  
hvdn_ansconncalls4 NUMBER [hvdn_ansconncalls4] Yes  
hvdn_ansconncalls5 NUMBER [hvdn_ansconncalls5] Yes  
hvdn_ansconncalls6 NUMBER [hvdn_ansconncalls6] Yes  
hvdn_ansconncalls7 NUMBER [hvdn_ansconncalls7] Yes  
hvdn_ansconncalls8 NUMBER [hvdn_ansconncalls8] Yes  
hvdn_ansconncalls9 NUMBER [hvdn_ansconncalls9] Yes  
hvdn_ansconncalls10 NUMBER [hvdn_ansconncalls10] Yes  
hvdn_anstime NUMBER [hvdn_anstime] Yes Calls Answer Time - VDN
hvdn_backupcalls NUMBER [hvdn_backupcalls] Yes Calls Backed Up - VDN
hvdn_bsrplan NUMBER [hvdn_bsrplan] No  
hvdn_busycalls NUMBER [hvdn_busycalls] Yes Calls Busy - VDN
hvdn_busytime NUMBER [hvdn_busytime] Yes Busy Time - VDN
hvdn_connectcalls NUMBER [hvdn_connectcalls] Yes Calls Connected - VDN
hvdn_connecttime NUMBER [hvdn_connecttime] Yes Connect Time
hvdn_conntalktime NUMBER [hvdn_conntalktime] Yes Connect Talk Time
hvdn_deflectcalls NUMBER [hvdn_deflectcalls] Yes  
hvdn_disccalls NUMBER [hvdn_disccalls] Yes Calls Disconnected - VDN
hvdn_disctime NUMBER [hvdn_disctime] Yes Disconnect Time - VDN
hvdn_holdabncalls NUMBER [hvdn_holdabncalls] Yes  
hvdn_holdacdcalls NUMBER [hvdn_holdacdcalls] Yes  
hvdn_holdacdtime NUMBER [hvdn_holdacdtime] Yes  
hvdn_holdcalls NUMBER [hvdn_holdcalls] Yes Calls On Hold - VDN
hvdn_holdtime NUMBER [hvdn_holdtime] Yes Hold Time - VDN
hvdn_i_arrived NUMBER [hvdn_i_arrived] Yes  
hvdn_incalls NUMBER [hvdn_incalls] Yes Inbound Calls
hvdn_incomplete NUMBER [hvdn_incomplete] Yes  
hvdn_inflowcalls NUMBER [hvdn_inflowcalls] Yes Flow In Calls - VDN
hvdn_interflowcalls NUMBER [hvdn_interflowcalls] Yes Interflow Calls - VDN
hvdn_interval_utc DATE [hvdn_interval_utc] Yes  
hvdn_intime NUMBER [hvdn_intime] Yes Inbound Call Time
hvdn_lookattempts NUMBER [hvdn_lookattempts] Yes  
hvdn_lookflowcalls NUMBER [hvdn_lookflowcalls] Yes  
hvdn_maxocwtime NUMBER [hvdn_maxocwtime] Yes Max Call Wait Time - VDN
hvdn_maxwaiting NUMBER [hvdn_maxwaiting] Yes Max Calls Waiting
hvdn_netdisccalls NUMBER [hvdn_netdisccalls] Yes  
hvdn_netincalls NUMBER [hvdn_netincalls] Yes  
hvdn_netintime NUMBER [hvdn_netintime] Yes  
hvdn_netpolls NUMBER [hvdn_netpolls] Yes  
hvdn_noansredir NUMBER [hvdn_noansredir] Yes No Answer Redirected Calls - VDN
hvdn_othercalls NUMBER [hvdn_othercalls] Yes Other Calls - VDN
hvdn_othertime NUMBER [hvdn_othertime] Yes Other Time - VDN
hvdn_outflowcalls NUMBER [hvdn_outflowcalls] Yes Flow Out Calls - VDN
hvdn_outflowtime NUMBER [hvdn_outflowtime] Yes Flow Out Time - VDN
hvdn_period1 NUMBER [hvdn_period1] No  
hvdn_period2 NUMBER [hvdn_period2] No  
hvdn_period3 NUMBER [hvdn_period3] No  
hvdn_period4 NUMBER [hvdn_period4] No  
hvdn_period5 NUMBER [hvdn_period5] No  
hvdn_period6 NUMBER [hvdn_period6] No  
hvdn_period7 NUMBER [hvdn_period7] No  
hvdn_period8 NUMBER [hvdn_period8] No  
hvdn_period9 NUMBER [hvdn_period9] No  
hvdn_periodchg NUMBER [hvdn_periodchg] No  
hvdn_phantomabns NUMBER [hvdn_phantomabns] Yes  
hvdn_returncalls NUMBER [hvdn_returncalls] Yes  
hvdn_ringcalls NUMBER [hvdn_ringcalls] Yes Calls Rang - VDN
hvdn_ringtime NUMBER [hvdn_ringtime] Yes Ring Time - VDN
hvdn_servicelevel NUMBER [hvdn_servicelevel] No  
hvdn_skill1 NUMBER [hvdn_skill1] Yes  
hvdn_skill2 NUMBER [hvdn_skill2] Yes  
hvdn_skill3 NUMBER [hvdn_skill3] Yes  
hvdn_skillacwtime1 NUMBER [hvdn_skillacwtime1] Yes  
hvdn_skillacwtime2 NUMBER [hvdn_skillacwtime2] Yes  
hvdn_skillacwtime3 NUMBER [hvdn_skillacwtime3] Yes  
hvdn_skillcalls1 NUMBER [hvdn_skillcalls1] Yes  
hvdn_skillcalls2 NUMBER [hvdn_skillcalls2] Yes  
hvdn_skillcalls3 NUMBER [hvdn_skillcalls3] Yes  
hvdn_skilltime1 NUMBER [hvdn_skilltime1] Yes  
hvdn_skilltime2 NUMBER [hvdn_skilltime2] Yes  
hvdn_skilltime3 NUMBER [hvdn_skilltime3] Yes  
hvdn_slvlabns NUMBER [hvdn_slvlabns] Yes Service Level Calls Abandoned - VDN
hvdn_slvloutflows NUMBER [hvdn_slvloutflows] Yes Service Level Flow Out Calls - VDN
hvdn_svclevelchg NUMBER [hvdn_svclevelchg] No  
hvdn_transferred NUMBER [hvdn_transferred] Yes Calls Transferred - VDN
hvdn_vdisccalls NUMBER [hvdn_vdisccalls] Yes  
hvdn_vector NUMBER [hvdn_vector] No  
tenant_id NUMBER [tenant_id] Yes Tenant ID
tenant_name STRING [tenant_name] Yes Tenant Name
udm_updated_ts STRING [udm_updated_ts] Yes  
vdn NUMBER [vdn] Yes VDN Number
vdn_desc STRING [vdn_desc] Yes  
vdn_name STRING [vdn_name] Yes VDN Name
vector NUMBER [vector] No  
vector_desc STRING [vector_desc] No  
vector_name STRING [vector_name] No