Calculated columns

Calculated columns are elements of a data set that can be combined to create a new column in the data set. For example, a data set might contain the columns “First Name” and “Last Name.” These two columns can be combined into a calculated column called “Full Name.”

Display name Type Formula text
Agent Name STRING [agent_surname]&", "&[agent_firstname]
agent_name STRING [agent_surname_ans]&", "&[agent_firstname_ans]
agent_name_orig STRING [agent_surname_orig]&", "&[agent_firstname_orig]
cdr_30min DATE dateTrimSecondsUTC([segstart_utc],1800)
group_count NUMBER IF [agent_group] = null THEN 0 ELSE 1
haglog_loggedin_duration NUMBER abs(diffSeconds([haglog_login_time],[haglog_logout_time]))