Subjects control how you want the business metrics (measures) grouped in a report. These are text fields that are used as category-style groupings, such as a team, a queue, or a department in your business.

Display Name Description Caption Keys Tags Attributes Properties (List)
Anchored Media Server Descriptive name of the media server Anchored Media Server Anchored Media Server AACC, CSR Stat    
Answered or Abandoned   Answered or Abandoned Answered or Abandoned      
Contact Type Contacts categorized by media. Voice contact types, and multimedia (non voice) contact types (iagentbyskillsetstat, iapplicationstat, iagentbyapplicationstat) contacttype contacttype Agent by Skill    
CSR Code

Contact codes are activity codes that an agent enters while active on an accepted contact with a supported Activity Codes or Post Contact Processing Codes (PCP Codes) feature. PCP codes are Not Ready reason codes that an agent enters in the first Not Ready period after a contact ends.

An activity (or Line of Business) code is a number that an agent enters on the phone or agent desktop while active on a contact. Activity codes provide a way to track the time an agent spends on various types of incoming contacts. For example, the activity code 720 can be used to track sales calls. Agents enter 720 on the phones during sales calls and this information appears in this view.

Agents can add activity codes for any contact except for DN calls. Configure the server to collect contact summary statistics. Contact code statistics are collected automatically whenever you enable contact summary statistics, even if you do not enable activity code statistics collection.

Define activity codes and Not Ready reason codes on the Contact Center Manager Server. If you do not do this, activity codes statistics are collected, but the CodeName is null.

CSR Code Name Unique CSR Code Stat ID AACC, CSR Code Stat   code, CSR Code Sequence, CSR Code Name
Disconnect Source

A number that specifies the disconnecting party when a call ends. Valid values are as follows:

  • UNKNWN {0}—Disconnecting Party is unknown
  • CLD PRTY {3}—Call released by the called party
  • CLNG PRTY {4}—Call released by the calling party
  • TRNSFR {5}—Call released due to a transfer
  • CONF {6}—Call released due to a conference party dropping out
  • CONF2SIMP {7}—The last call release in a conference tear down
  • SYS {8}—Call released due to a system generated event: agent presses Not Ready key, or selecting the Walk-away feature
  • ABSENT {-1}—Call released from ACD: agent presses RLS or Goodbye key
Disconnect Source Disconnect Source AACC, Contact, CSR Stat   Disconnect Source
Final Disposition

AACC - A string identifying the state of the contact when it ends. The values determine if an agent accepts a contact. If an agent accepts the contact, the contact has a FinalDisposition of RL, RH, RC or XF. Valid values are as follows:

  • AB (Abandoned)
  • RL (Released)
  • RH (Released on Hold)
  • RC (Released during Consult)
  • XF (Transferred)
  • GD (Given Default)
  • FB (Forced Busy)
  • FO (Forced Overflow)
  • FD (Forced Disconnect)
  • RT (Routed)
  • GN (Given NACD)
  • AT (Encountered All Trunks Busy)
  • JN (Join)
Final Disposition Description Disposition - Final AACC   Final Disposition Description
Final Disposition Description   Final Disposition Description Final Disposition Description      
is_activity_code   is_activity_code is_activity_code      
is_pcp_code   is_pcp_code is_pcp_code      
Site Configured name of this Contact Center Manager site site sitedb, site Agent by Skill, Application, Skillset   sitedb, site