Relationships describe how a source measure can be linked to a target measure. For example, an employee record can be linked to only one person record, while a team record can be linked to multiple employee records.

Source Relationship Target
abs_agentlogin MANY_TO_ONE Agent Login Logout Event
Originator ONE_TO_ONE Answered or Abandoned
Sequence ID MANY_TO_ONE Originator
Sequence ID MANY_TO_ONE Skillset
Sequence ID MANY_TO_ONE abs_agentlogin
Sequence ID ONE_TO_MANY Final Disposition Timestamp
Sequence ID MANY_TO_ONE application
Sequence ID MANY_TO_ONE Final Disposition
Unique Call ID ONE_TO_MANY Sequence ID
Unique Call ID MANY_TO_ONE Contact Originated Timestamp
Unique Call ID MANY_TO_ONE CSR Code