Calculated fields

Calculated fields are created from measures. They use existing measures to calculate new measures.

Calculated Fields
Display Name Description Type Tags Aggregator Display Format Attributes Formula Text
Initiation Date The date this contact was initiated. Derived from Initiation Timestamp. In regards to Initiation Method: For INBOUND, this is when the contact arrived. For OUTBOUND, this is when the agent began dialing. For CALLBACK, this is when the callback contact was created. For TRANSFER and QUEUE_TRANSFER, this is when the transfer was initiated. For API, this is when the request arrived. DATE Amazon Connect, Contact, Contact Trace Latest {0,date,yyyy-MM-dd}   dateTrim([Initiation Timestamp], "dayOfMonth")
Interval Start Date The date for the start of the interval. Derived from Queue Interval Start Timestamp. Used for all Interval datasets. DATE Agent, Agent Interval, Agent Queue Interval, Amazon Connect, Queue, Queue Interval Latest {0,date,yyyy-MM-dd}   dateTrim([Queue Interval Start Timestamp], "dayOfMonth") #Display name is Interval Start Timestamp
Last Updated Date The date a contact was last updated. Derived from Last Updated Timestamp. DATE Amazon Connect, Contact, Contact Recording, Contact Trace Latest {0,date,yyyy-MM-dd}   dateTrim([Last Updated Timestamp], "dayOfMonth")
Login Date The date the agent logged in. Derived from Login Timestamp. DATE Agent, Agent Login Logout, Amazon Connect Latest {0,date,yyyy-MM-dd}   dateTrim([Login Timestamp], "dayOfMonth")