Subscribe to a workspace on WVD

This topic is useful if you are using Windows Virtual Desktop to run the WFM client and you need to import and export files.

To import or export files, you must first subscribe to the workspace on the remote Windows Virtual Desktop machine. The files you export can then be saved on your local computer, and you can select files on your local computer to import. You cannot save files to or import files from folders on for example your company network, only on your local computer.

These are the two things you must do to manage import and export of files on Windows Virtual Desktop:

  • Install the Windows Virtual Desktop client. The web version of the Windows Virtual Desktop cannot handle import and export of files.

  • Subscribe to a workspace. This makes your local computer accessible from the WFM client in Windows Virtual Desktop.

Follow the instructions for Windows or Mac below.



On Windows computers, follow this guide to install the Windows Virtual Desktop client and subscribe to a workspace.

NOTE   On Windows, subscribing to a workspace automatically let you access your local C:\ drive from the Windows Virtual Desktop.


On Mac computers, follow the steps below.

  1. First, follow this guide to install the Windows Virtual Desktop macOS client: Connect to Windows Virtual Desktop with the macOS client.

  2. Then follow these steps to subscribe to a workspace and select what folder to access from the Windows Virtual Desktop.
    1. Go to Preferences (see 1 in the image below).
    2. On the General tab, select the folder that you want to share with the remote system (see 2 in the image below).

    3. Close Windows Virtual Desktop, and reopen it. You can now find the shared folder in This PC on the remote machine.

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