View a schedule overview for a week (Teams tool)

Get an overview of the schedules for the full week in the Teams week view. The schedules in the week view are always shown in your time zone, that is the defined time zone of the logged in user.

For days with shifts, the name and color of the shift category and the start and end time of the shift are displayed.

Days off have gray diagonal stripes. If overtime is scheduled on a day off, this is highlighted with an Overtime label.

For days with full-day absences, the name and color of the absence type are displayed. If a full-day absence is on a day off, the name and color of the absence type are shown with diagonal stripes.

If a day is blank, nothing is scheduled.

NOTE   If other users have made schedule changes for the selected week and the selected teams, the Refresh button is available. Click the Refresh button to load the latest schedule changes.


  • You have the Web > Teams permission.
  • You have the Global functions > View schedules permission.

Page location

WFM > Teams > Week view

NOTE   If you don't see Teams in the menu, select Schedules and then click to switch back to Teams at the top of the page.


Select a team or site

Select the teams or sites to view schedules for.

  1. Click Select organization.
  2. When teams are already selected, the field states the number of selected teams.
  3. Click a tab to select by Business hierarchy or Group pages.
  4. Select the check boxes for the sites and teams or groups to open.
  5. If there are many sites, teams and groups, use the search function to find the ones you are looking for.
  6. Click Select.

Select date

  • Click the calendar icon to select a specific date.
  • Use the arrows next to the date selection to go to previous or next week.

NOTE   The date you select at the top of the page affects which agents you see. For example, if you are viewing schedules for Team A, the list shows the schedule for the agents who belong to Team A on the selected date.

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