View detailed schedules (Teams tool)

View the detailed schedules for your team in the Teams day view. Your team is shown by default if you belong to a team. Use the filter or search to show the schedules for any team that you have permissions to view.

The Teams day view contains a visual presentation of the shift. Hover any activity or absence with the mouse pointer to show what activity or absence it is and its start and end time.

An orange circle is shown in the shift category column if the agent has a personal activity, meeting or a part-time absence scheduled on this day. Hover the circle with the mouse pointer to read the details.

NOTE   If other users have made schedule changes for the selected date and the selected teams, the Refresh button is available. Click the Refresh button to load the latest schedule changes.


  • You have the Web > Teams permission.
  • You have the Global functions > View schedules permission.

Page location

WFM > Teams > Day view

NOTE   If you don't see Teams in the menu, select Schedules and then click to switch back to Teams at the top of the page.


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