Make schedule changes (Teams tool)

Make manual changes to the agents’ schedules in the Teams day view. For example, add absences for agents who are ill, move lunches, swap shifts between agents or replace one activity with another for a selected time period. Most changes can be done for multiple agents at the same time.

Select the agent’s time zone before you make schedule change for that agent. Agents in another time zone than the currently selected time zone are indicated by a small globe icon next to their name.

NOTE   You can use drag and drop to move an activity or to change the duration of an activity in the Schedules tool. See Make schedule changes (Schedules tool) for more information.


  • You have the Web > Teams permission and a selection of the underlying permissions, depending on what actions you need to perform.
  • You have the Global functions > View schedules permission.
  • You have the Web > Meetings permission to add or edit meetings.

Page location

WFM > Teams > Day view

NOTE   If you don't see Teams in the menu, select Schedules and then click to switch back to Teams at the top of the page.


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