Export schedules to Excel (Teams tool)

Export schedule information to Excel for a selected team and date period.

The schedule export shows the name, employment number, site and team for each agent. You can select to include the information of three optional columns.

The schedule information is presented in one column per day in the selected date period. For each agent and day, scheduled shifts are shown with shift category and start and end time. Days off and full-day absences are shown with the name of the day off or absence.

NOTE   You can export schedules in the Schedules tool too. See View detailed schedules (Schedules tool) for more information.


  • You have the Web > Teams > Export schedules permission.
  • You have the Global functions > View schedules permission.

Page location

WFM > Teams > Day view

NOTE   If you don't see Teams in the menu, select Schedules and then click to switch back to Teams at the top of the page.


Export schedules to Excel

  1. Click Export schedules.
  2. Select the period to export schedules for. You can maximum select a 31-day period.
  3. Select which agents to export schedules for. You can select based on business hierarchy or group pages.
  4. Select which Scenario to export schedules for.
  5. Select according to which Time zone to show start and end times.
  6. Click the Optional columns field and select the check boxes for the optional columns to include. You can select maximum 3 optional columns.
  7. Click Start to run the export.

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