Save searches you use often

Save searches that you often use as favorites to be used again. Select one of the favorite searches as the default. The result for the default search loads every time you go to the Teams tool or the Requests tool. Your saved searches are personal and will only be shown for you.

This functionality currently works for business hierarchy searches, not for group page searches.


  • You have the Web > Requests permission to save searches in Requests.
  • You have the Web > Teams permission to save searches in Teams.

Page location

This functionality can be reached from different locations.

  • WFM > Requests
  • WFM > Teams


Save a search

Save a search that you often do to reuse it later.

  1. In the Select organization menu, select sites or teams and then click Select.
  2. Click the Favorite search star.
  3. Enter a Name for the search.
  4. Click Save.

Open a saved search

Show the results for a previously saved search.

  1. Click the Favorite search star.
  2. Select the search to open.
  3. The search result from the selected search is loaded.

Select a saved search to use as default

Use one of your saved searches as the default search. The result for this search will be loaded each time you go to the Requests tool or Teams tool.

  1. Click the Favorite search star.
  2. Hover the pointer over the search you want to set as default and click the star on that row.

    The star turns black to indicate that this now is the default search.

  3. If you no longer want the search to load by default, click the black star.

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