Add a report or parameter panel

Panels are containers that are placed in the grid of a dashboard. There are several types of panels. Webpage, List, Text, and Image panels display information from outside the Data Explorer feature, while Report, Parameter, and Widget panels configure and display information generated by Data Explorer.

A report panel displays the chart or table that was configured in the report designer. A parameter panel displays specific filters for reports. You can link a parameter panel to a report panel and use the parameter panel to filter the information that is displayed in the report panel. For example, a report that displays information for a group could be linked to a Member Picker parameter panel. From the Member Picker panel, you can filter the information in the chart to display the information for each member of the team.

BEST PRACTICE   To create a parameter for a report panel, it is advised that you create both the report panel and the parameter panel before setting the parameter.

Add a report panel to the dashboard

  1. Click Add Panels in the Dashboard Control dialog box.
  2. Click the Add Report button, and then click in the grid and drag to draw a box and set the position and size of the panel.
  3. Click Edit, and then select Properties from the drop-down list in the panel to configure the panel properties. The Report Properties dialog box opens.
  4. On the Selection tab, and choose a report to display in the panel.

Add a parameter panel to the dashboard

  1. Click Add Panels in the Dashboard Control dialog box.
  2. Select the parameter type from the Parameter Controls section.
  3. Click inside the grid and drag to draw the outline of the parameter panel.