Import and export phrases

Calabrio ONE allows you to import new or edited phrases and export the phrase list. The import data needs to be in CSV format.

When you import a phrase list, remember the following points:

  • A phrase that is new to the category but exists in another category will not be imported into the selected category.
  • If there is a format error in the import file, then the import will fail.

    EXAMPLE   The fields are incorrect on one of the lines in the import file.

  • If the import file format is correct, then all valid phrases will be imported, and invalid phrases will not be imported.

    EXAMPLE   A phrase that conflicts with an existing phrase in a different category will not be imported, but all other valid phrases will be imported.

Import a list of phrases

  1. Click the Actions drop-down menu and select Import. A file upload window opens.
  2. Select the file to import. Phrase list files must be CSV format.

Export the phrase list

  1. Click the Actions drop-down menu and select Export. The file will download according to your browser settings.

NOTE   The exported CSV includes all of the Phrase Manager data. It does not reflect what is displayed on the phrase list.

CSV files for import must include the columns listed in the following table in the order shown.

Column Description


The category name


The text of the phrase


(Optional for Speech Analytics) The phonetic transcription of the phrase


The minimum confidence value for a hit


Either “O” for disabled or “1” for enabled, depending on whether the phrase should be enabled or disabled for analytics


The two-digit language and two-digit country code for the phrase