Import and export application information

You can import and export new or edited application information to Desktop Manager in CSV format.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.


Import information to Desktop Manager

  1. In the Import section of the page, navigate to the CSV file you want to import using the Browse button.
  2. Click Import.

Export information from Desktop Manager

  • In the Export section, click Export to save or open the file. The export file is named desktopuse.csv.

NOTE   Exported files contain only the applications that have been acted upon. Not all applications in the Desktop Manager application list will appear in the exported file.

Any CSV file to be imported must include the columns listed in the following table in order as listed from top to bottom. Every field in a row must contain a value. Exported CSV files are formatted in the same way.

NOTE   Files exported from a pre-11.0 version contain an additional column, “handleCode.” These files cannot be imported into 11.0 or newer unless that column and associated data are removed from the CSV file.

Column Description


The executable name for an application or the URL for a website


The name of the application or website


The status of the application or website.


The type of desktop item: application, content (website), or system