Here’s what’s happening in Calabrio ONE in September 2021.

Product features and enhancements

We added these new features and enhancements to Calabrio ONE in September 2021.

Call Recording and QM

Generic Calabrio call detail records (scheduled for September 28): We’ve created a format that allows customers who use any ACD to structure their call data in a way that Calabrio ONE can process, thereby creating CDRs in Calabrio ONE for reconciliation. This is especially helpful for ACDs for which Calabrio ONE does not have a specific integration.

Maximum retention period for reconciliation data (September 21): System administrators can now set the maximum retention period for reconciliation data using the Tenants page (Application Management > Tenant Administration > Tenants). This setting can apply to an individual tenant or across all tenants within the administrator's scope. Tenant administrators can set a different retention period using the QM Global Settings page, but this period cannot be longer than the period set on the Tenants page.

Customizable percentage of matched screen recordings retained with end-of-call workflows (September 14): You can now set the percentage of matched screen recordings (i.e., those associated with voice recordings) that Calabrio ONE retains via end-of-call events.


View and edit notes from the Schedules page (September 1): You can now view and edit private and public notes on the Schedules page (which is currently in preview mode). Public notes let you communicate changes to agents. Planning teams often use internal notes to communicate internally.

“Today” button in date picker (September 1): Click “Today” in the calendar dropdown on the Teams page to see the current day (or week in the week view).

Standard payroll exports in user’s timezone (September 1): Standard payroll exports now display in the time zone of the person running the export, according to that person’s profile in the People module.

More accessible week view (September 1): We have reworked the weekly schedule in MyTime to work better with assistive technology like screen readers.

Change shift categories in Schedules (September 1): On the Schedules page, you can see the shift category for each shift and change the shift category when needed.

Added schedule audit actions (September 1): We’ve improved the logging of audit actions in schedule histories. The Schedule Audit Trail report now includes added and deleted absence requests from MyTime.

More details in the Schedule Audit Trail report (September 1): The Schedule Audit Trail report now displays more detailed information on what kinds of changes have been made and from which part of the system.

Improvements for submitting overtime requests (September 1): Agents can now submit overtime requests from the new daily schedule view, which they can access from the standard schedule. In this view, agents can see their schedule and the overtime probability at the same time and can drag and drop the overtime request where it suits both themselves and the business.

Date-specific information on the employee display card (September 1): The employee display card on the People page now shows employee information for a specific date. The card also highlights information that has changed, and you can move backward or forward to show what team, skill, contract, etc. an agent had on other dates.