Here’s what happened in Calabrio ONE in March 2021.

Product features and enhancements

We added these new features and enhancements to Calabrio ONE in March 2021.


New TIP (March 30): We’ve improved the user experience for TIP, a learning assistant that provides tailored onboarding content, information on new features, announcements from Calabrio, and skill development for advanced Calabrio ONE users. TIP is currently available to cloud customers who have enabled user engagements and tours on the Global Settings page.

Call Recording and QM

Enhanced WebSocket reconnect logic (March 30): We’ve reduced the time to wait before retrying when Smart Desktop has WebSocket connection problems.

Empty virtual extension prefixes allowed for Avaya CM with Contact Center Elite (March 16): On the ACD Configuration page, you can now leave the Virtual Extension Prefix field blank to indicate that you do not want to import devices as virtual extensions.

Smarter handling of duplicate device names (March 16): If multiple devices in the same signaling group have the same name, Calabrio ONE now logs the issue and configures only one of the devices.

Hold information added to bulk contact export (March 16): The bulk contact export CSV file now contains these fields: Total Hold Duration, Hold Events, Max Hold Duration, Min Hold Duration, Average Hold Duration, and % of Hold.

Data Explorer and Advanced Reporting

Last formula function (March 30): Users working with list values can now access the last element of a list via the formula function.

Tail formula function (March 23): Users working with list values can now access the tail of a list via the formula function.

Greater message broker resources (March 9): We’ve increased our message broker’s memory resources, improving product stability.