Here’s what happened in Calabrio ONE in April 2021.

Product features and enhancements

We added these new features and enhancements to Calabrio ONE in April 2021.


Upgraded Java version (April 13): We’ve upgraded to Java version 1.8.0_282 (Amazon Corretto) to apply the latest security patches.

Call Recording and QM

Smarter gathering of historical data (April 27): If Calabrio ONE’s backend query for historical data times out when attempting to retrieve data, Calabrio ONE now ends the query and retries. This enhancement prevents problems with gathering data.

Smarter use of Smart Desktop Client extension (April 6): If the Capture Desktop Analytics and Capture Desktop Events permissions are disabled via the Calabrio ONE Roles page, the Smart Desktop browser extension is also disabled, improving performance.


Prevent users from accessing the system after their leaving date (April 7): To cover for night shifts and time zone differences, Calabrio ONE waits up to two days after a user’s leaving date before deactivating the user. Retroactive changes to termination dates (both deactivating and activating) should sync immediately.

Outbound tool discontinued (April 7): Outbound (optional) as a standalone planning tool has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please contact Support or your Account Manager if that causes any issues for you.

Example data to aid product onboarding (April 7): A new customer can now follow the Get Started guide and easily populate the system with example data to aid self studies and training.

Grant to offer extra hours for today or tomorrow, which is a day off (April 7): Grant the chatbot can now offer agents extra hours when the agent is on a day off, either on the current day or the day after. This new functionality makes Grant useful for more situations.

New layout of admin client menu (April 7): We have redesigned the menu in the admin client. You can now access different modules through the vertical side menu.

Overtime denied when there is a full-day absence (April 7): Calabrio ONE now denies overtime requests from agents who are scheduled for a full-day absence.

Historical Adherence per Agent report - Daily adherence score (April 7): This new report displays historical adherence per agent and day. The data comes from the new historical adherence based on adherence rules and the real-time adherence feed.


“Title change” event trigger (April 6): You can now create desktop events that are triggered when a window’s title changes. This enhancement is especially helpful for customers who use Epic software.

Data Explorer and Advanced Reporting

Enhanced word cloud (April 27): We’ve improved our existing word cloud view option to provide better visualization of the data within the word cloud, making it easier for you to compare the general frequency of words within the data set and interpret the overall results.

NOTE   This is a new feature that is not yet generally available. If you would like early access to this feature, contact your Calabrio Account Manager.

More resilient tenant provisioning (April 27): Data Explorer/Advanced Reporting now stores the full details of a tenant creation request, allowing for easier recovery in the event of errors in provisioning tenants or tasks.

Additional list formula functions (April 20): We’ve added productOfList, repeat, take, drop, dropLast, splitAt, tails, and group formula functions to help you work with and manipulate lists more precisely.

Updated Amazon Connect plugin in Agency service (April 13, Advanced Reporting only): This enhancement improves performance for high-load jobs and improves resilience with the addition of file archiving.

Updates to data set contribution configuration (April 13): The data set Contribution Usage field on the Data tab is now read-only. You can set the actual configuration by editing the data set and making the change on the Data Set Details tab.